What is the best shampoo for dandruff

What is the best shampoo for dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff you are not alone. It is estimated that at least 97% of Americans will endure the white, itchy flaking of this condition at some point in their lives. The condition is caused by an overproduction of a chemical known a Pityrosporum.

It is normal for skin to shed, but dandruff sufferers experience this shedding at a higher and more substantial rate than most. Dandruff is a somewhat seasonal disorder, that usually worsens in the winter months. There is no known cure, but there are many products to choose from that will assist you in controlling the problem.

Most of the products on the market work to balance the pH of the scalp. You will want to shop for a product that contains dandruff fighting ingredients such as zinc Pyritrione, Climbazole, or Octopirox. Most of the shampoos also contain salicylic acid, coal tar, selenium sulfide, or sulfur.

Keep in mind that if you have lighter hair, products containing coal tar can stain your hair, so you may want to choose products that do not contain that particular ingredient. If the chemical ingredients are confusing to you, simply read the indications and instructions on the bottle. Most of the products contain similar ingredients and will describe how they work and what you need to know in advance of using the product.

Doctors often recommend a brand containing Ketoconazole, which can be purchased without a prescription at a pharmacy. Consult with your doctor about any medications you may be taking, since Ketoconazole may interfere with the effects of your medication.

This is especially important if you do not have a doctor’s recommendation and you choose to self-prescribe this particular treatment. Depending on your personal situation, it may be enough to only use this product once or twice per week and supplement with your usual shampoo.

Each product is different, so be sure to read the labels when shopping and when using the shampoo you choose. In general, you will want to lather the shampoo into your hair and let it sit for at least five minutes to allow the chemicals to activate and do their job.

In some cases, you may need to repeat the lathering process, but this is not usually recommended for dandruff shampoos. While using the product, you may feel a tingling or light sting. Do not worry! This is just the product’s ingredients activating and working.

It is also important to use conditioner when washing with a dandruff control shampoo because many include ingredients that will make your hair dry and brittle. It is important not to create another problem while fixing your dandruff affliction.

The most important thing to remember is once you have found a shampoo that works for you, stick with the treatment. It may cost a bit more than what you are used to paying for shampoo, but if it has worked to relieve your symptoms then it is more than worth it. With a little research, dandruff is a condition that can be easily treated.

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