What is business casual?

What is business casual?

Business Casual at Work

Dressing for work has evolved from suits and heels to khakis and loafers. However, you must remember to use your own flair and keep things basic for the office. Business casual does not mean that you can go to work looking sloppy. Everything must be neatly pressed and in order.

A few basic pieces that you can not live without including khaki’s, loafers, a white shirt, and the proper accessories. Of course, you can also add other things such as basic dress pants, your favorite sweater. You can add color by using scarves, earrings, and hair accessories.

Start with a few basic pieces and work around that. A favorite that most women like to wear, includes a twin set. This item can be picked up at most stores and clothing catalogs. A sweater set can be worn with a skirt, dress pants, jeans, etc. You can dress it up or down. Choose colors that complement you.

The blazer is another key element to casual dressing In the office. Pair a solid color blazer with a pair of slacks and a striped shirt and you are the elements of style. Do not wear a tee-shirt but opt for something a little more appropriate.

Knit pieces are very popular today but they are also comfortable and easy to care for. You can just throw them in the washer, dry, and go. Choose the more subtle shade such as black or gray for a dramatic statement. Chadwicks of Boston has a nice 4 or 5 piece wardrobe that is perfect for your day at work.

Last but not least, do not forget that strand of pearls and earrings that you have hanging in your jewelry armoire. It will go perfectly with the twin set and dress pants. When building your wardrobe, remember to buy pieces that already go with what you have in your closet. You will then have more versatility in more to choose from than you once did. Just think of simple and classic and you will go a long way in winning with office business casualwear.

Sources for Casual wear

If your company has a uniform available, then you have less to worry about when choosing to clothe. You can check out the Lands End catalog or Collegiate for clothing with the company logo. These companies offer a wide variety of clothing options.

A good book to use when starting the wardrobe review is Chic Simple Guides- Work Clothes, Casual Dress for Serious Work by Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone. This book is wonderful and shows illustrations of the fashions that will work for the office.

Shopping for casual wear doesn’t have to be difficult. Try several of these websites, catalogs, or stores listed below:

  • Kohl’s (department store)
  • JC Penny (website, catalog or department stores)
  • Eddie Bauer (stores, online or catalog)
  • Chadwicks of Boston (catalog or website)
  • Dress Barn (retail store)
  • Old Navy (retail store)
  • GAP (retail store)
  • Marshall’s/TJ Maxx
  • Most of the major designers have outlet stores also such as Polo, Liz Claiborne, Off 5th (Saks Fifth Avenue), etc.
  • Happy Shopping!

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