What is a learning disability?

What is a learning disability?

Have you wondered if your child has a learning disability? You have noticed signs that don’t seem appropriate for the age of your child. Some of these signs are social in nature, others are academic and some are physical. In this article, you will find some early warnings of learning disabilities.

As you read this list, keep in mind that a learning disability is based on showing several of these signs. If your child is exhibiting one or two, it is probably developmental. Just keep a close watch as he or she develops.

If your child is preshcool age, three or four years old and shows some of the signs below, he or she may have a learning disability:

Does your child have trouble hearing and repeating rhyming words? Does he have trouble giving you a word that rhymes with another word? Did your child speak late compared to other children his age? Does he have problems pronouncing words even after you have modeled for him? Does your child seem restless and easily distracted?

Does he have trouble following directions and routines? A poor vocabulary and having difficulty retrieving the right word is also a sign of a learning disability. Does your child have trouble with sequential patterns? For example, is learning the alphabet, number order, days of the week, and months of the year difficult?

Below are warning signs of a learning disability for children in grades kindergarten through fourth grade. Does your child confuse basic words such as they, they, run, was, and want? Does he have trouble learning to tell time,

recall facts, and slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds? Does he have trouble planning and stay organized? does he show poor coordination, as well as, being accident-prone? If your child makes errors in reading and spelling such as letter reversals, inversions m/w, transpositions, felt/left and substitutions house/home this may be a sign of a disability.

Does your child confuse the mathematical signs and have trouble grasping a pencil? Are skills that require memorization difficult for your child?

If after reading the warning signs above you think your child may be learning disabled, contact your school for testing. If your child is not in school yet, you should still contact his home school to be tested.

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