What is a blog?

What is a blog?

The word blog is actually an acronym for weblog, a combination of the two English words web and log used for websites that keep information chronologically, which means Whether you compile a logbook or diary online or write something by logging on to a website via the internet, call this whole process “blogging” or “blogging” on the modern internet terms. Is given.

The word weblog was first used by Jorn Barger in 1997, after which the word blog was coined by Peter Merholz in a humorous way, breaking the word “weblog” into “weblog”. Used and then the word “blog” became popular. Now you write a blog on a website or social media? What topics do you write about? It’s up to you because the general idea is that a blog can be written on any topic. But most bloggers write their blogs on social and political issues.

That’s why blogs are also called modern online diaries, which bloggers regularly share in public so that their emotions, feelings, and reactions reach their chosen readers. In the old days when the internet and social media did not exist, most people used to write their diaries. But the diary often covered the day’s private affairs. It often lost its expression on social or political issues and such diaries were usually published in book form after death. One difference between a personal diary and a blog is that a personal diary is limited to you or a few close friends, while a blog is like an open book to the whole world.

Where you share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and information according to your thoughts and feelings and interact with your readers through internet social media. So if you are not apathetic, have the courage to speak up, and can withstand criticism and pressure. So you must share your thoughts, your feelings, your feelings, and information with others. And the best thing to do is a blog.

So dare, come to the fore, speak through social media, because it is the natural desire of every human being to make the best use of the power of expression. If you can build a bond with your readers with the help of a blog, then of course you have the potential to be a good blogger, you just need to use it in the right direction. With the advent of Facebook and other social media forums on social media, it has become much easier to write blogs, publish them, and then check people’s reactions.

Until a couple of years ago, blogs were just articles, but now blogging is not just about writing, but also photo blogs, sketch blogs, video blogs, music blogs, audio blogs. Has become more widespread. You could also say that a good blogger can reflect his whole personality with the unique power of a blog if he wants to. Can express his feelings correctly because there is no other between the reader and the blogger. An editor’s scissors do not strike a chord with a blogger’s thoughts and feelings.

The blogger’s thoughts will be the same as his blog. Blogging is arguably the most important activity on the Internet right now. Millions of people write their own blogs or read other people’s blogs and this trend is spreading like wildfire on the internet. Hundreds of blogging tools have made this task much easier.

In addition, the use of different devices is also promoting blogging on a large scale. Blogs and bloggers have become so popular that they are becoming a way to make a lot of money. There is hardly a popular blog that you see without ads. People are more inclined to read other people’s blogs than to write their own blogs. So sometimes it is seen that there are more visitors to a particular blog on the same site than the whole website. Therefore, by placing advertisements on such blogs, their reputation is taken advantage of.

The difference between a blog and a website

Most people think of blogs and websites as two names for the same thing, but the fact is that the two are technically very different from each other, a website is actually a collection of different web pages online. Website is a general term that refers to any combination of web pages on any domain on the Internet. Apparently, a blog is also a part of a website in which thoughts, feelings, events, etc., are presented by an individual in a text or text as well as in audio and visual forms with restrictions.

The blogger presents his ideas to his readers on the internet through a blog and then the readers of this blog comment on it and also give advice, just like a blogger can present his ideas through the text. Is. It can also show an event through video and photos. Not only this, with the help of this recorded voice you can reach out to the net users. But the traditional structure of the website and the blog is different on the basis of which we think the blog is separate from the website.

Here are some of the highlights of the website as a whole:

  • The website has a number cover or home page that opens in different sections or sections of the website.
  • Website pages do not have a comment box.
  • The date or author’s name does not appear on the website pages.
  • Websites usually provide basic information about a business or company.
  • The website has sections on services, FAQs, pricing, and blogs.

Always remember these blog signs:

  • Blog posts appear with the date and author’s name.
  • The blog is updated frequently, while the website is not updated as such.
  • The blog has a comment box, with the help of which the reader can express his opinion in the comment box.
  • Blogs usually do not contain services or business information.
  • Information is published on the blog in such a way that the new post (writing) appears first.
  • Even if you do not know programming, language, coding, you can create a blog.
  • You can put blog posts in any category you want. And manage via tags.
  • Information on the blog is chronological. You can select any month or day and read the article published on that day.
  • Most blogs have a sidebar on the right or left side in which various widgets can be used to display the latest information, more read articles, etc.
  • Subscribe to the blog, your subscribers will receive all your posts via email or feed instantly.
  • Also, keep in mind that today’s news sites are actually a distorted version of the blog. They update thousands of times faster than a normal blog. And the reason is that there is new news every ten minutes. Therefore, news sites can be called a collection of websites and blogs, each news site also has a separate blog box.

What to look for and tactics to help ease the way

The best way to start blogging is to put what you see, what you feel into simple words and write a blog. Suppose you saw an accident somewhere or saw something unique. Now, what do you conclude from this accident or something unique? Why did this happen? What were the motives behind it? Think about what effect it has had on you and others.

Generally, a blog should be between 800 and 1000 words. If the blogger wants to cite something related to the written content, it is better to quote it with the help of hyperlinks within the text.

The title of the blog is very important because the first part of any article is the title, then there are three or four sentences at the beginning. If the heart is interested, the reader’s interest increases, and the eye automatically slips on the writing. The title should be as concise and meaningful as possible.

People who are associated with a particular field should try to write mostly about their field because it will enliven your writing and you will be able to express your conscience very well.

Some opening sentences are very important. This is the most sensitive part of writing in the world of blogging. These same phrases also appear on headlines and aggregators. Here, if you catch the reader, catch it.

As much as possible for the blog should choose a topic that is closer to reality.

Write on experiences in ordinary life instead of fabricated stories. One is that your experiences and analysis will reach other people and when readers give comments or feedback, you will see many other aspects of the picture, which will make your thinking more solid.

Blogs should be written on current affairs, social issues, political events and developments, and domestic and foreign situations. In addition, blogs can be written on a historical event, but do not forget to give strong references.

 Whatever you write, write on the basis of complete citations and solid evidence so that if someone argues with you on something, you can give a satisfactory answer.

Never think that you are a big killer because if you blog in the style of learning, teaching, and advising you will get many benefits.

Make some points for writing. Discuss these points while writing for a sensitive topic.

Blogs are different from feature stories. Interviewing more people and quoting them is not a blog, but a feature. Blogs are different from news, so presenting any headline news in different words is not called a blog.

Never share any personal information on the blog that may harm you at this time or in the future. Therefore, whenever and whatever you write, always write thoughtfully.

Avoid writing provocative blogs that provoke religious debate while paying special attention to word choice. Abuse or attack on one’s caste should be avoided.

Writing editing is very important. Blog writing should never be published in its raw form. Review your draft. In addition to spelling and grammatical errors, review the order of sentences more than once.

How to create a blog?

The world of the internet is vast. There are hundreds of websites that offer networking to bloggers for free. One of the secrets of the popularity of blogs is that nowadays blogs can be found on almost every news channel and newspaper and magazine websites, even on entertainment, commercial, organizational and educational websites.

Blogs can usually be created in two ways. The first way is to register with a blog hosting provider and write your blog, while the second way is to buy your domain name and web hosting and then install a blogging tool on the website to create your blog. At the forefront of popular blog hosting providers is Google’s Blogger or Blogspot. Google bought Blogger in view of the growing popularity of the blog.

Blogger is a very popular service. It provides many free templates for blogs to suit your needs also be changed. If you also want to create your own free blog on Blogger, visit Blogger’s website, the link is as follows:


In addition, WordPress is another very popular service and is undoubtedly one of the most popular blogging services in the world of blogging at the moment. With the help of many interesting themes and plugins found on WordPress, you can transform your site from a blog to a news website or any other format.

Like MovableType, WordPress offers two types of blogging options. The biggest advantage of WordPress is its flexible structure. WordPress can be easily adapted to any written language in the world. Due to being open-source, proper support for its problems is available on the absolutely free WordPress site, where WordPress users from all over the world collaborate to solve your problems in minutes.

WordPress Blogging Tool, built-in PHP, is a completely open-source program that can be easily installed on any website. If you want to create your own website blog WordPress should be your first choice. Built-in PHP, it can run on both Windows and Linux hosting. If you want to create your own blog on WordPress, visit the WordPress website, the link to which is


Great topics for blogging

By the way, you can fulfill your hobby by writing a blog on your favorite topic according to your interest, but if you also want to earn some money from blogging, you have to put your choice behind you and take care of people’s choices. ۔ Many people want to start a blog but find it difficult to determine the topic. Here are some tips to help you make a name for yourself in the blogging world.


Writing on the topic of health is not for everyone. Such as weight loss prescriptions and fitness tips. You will find a lot of advertisements on this topic and different companies can contact you to promote their medicines.

Education :

If you are in the field of education, ie you are a teacher, etc., then creating a blog on this topic would be a very lucrative deal for you. While blogging on education will benefit thousands of students, you can also reap great financial benefits.

Make Money Online:

Although blogging is done mostly on this topic, very little has been written on this topic in World. And now people are slowly coming to their senses and they are searching for it. You can be very successful if you write unique articles on this topic.

Travel Blogs:

This topic is very interesting. Many tourists are flocking to World and they are searching for places to visit in World. If you know a little bit about tourism or have toured a few areas, take up this topic. It would be better to write in English on this topic so that more and more people will come to your website.


It would be better for women and students to blog on this topic. Very little has been written on this subject in World. If you work hard you will be very successful and different companies will contact you to promote their products.

Cook food:

Blogging on this topic can open up many easy ways for housewives to make money at home. Currently, many housewives in World are earning extra money by blogging on this topic.

Forex Trading:

Very few people in World know about Forex trading but there are a lot of blog readers on this subject and there is a possibility of traffic from other countries. If you specialize in Forex trading then this topic can be profitable for you.

The game:

This topic is most searched in India and Australia, especially when there is a big cricket tournament like World Cup, Asia Cup, IPL, or PSL, there is a huge rush of blog readers on this topic. If you are interested in sports, you can also make your hobby a source of income by writing a blog.

 Product Review:

At the moment, everyone searches Google for information and reviews before buying a mobile phone or anything. If you know the features of mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other things and can make a price list, then blogging on this topic can be very useful for you

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