How to use an eyelash curler

Eyelashes are an important part of a girl’s face, which makes up their daily look. You can use additional elements to transform the vegetation of the eye. Not everyone knows how to use eyelash curlers, but this skill will be needed in everyday makeup to transform a girl’s appearance.

How to use an eyelash curler

What is an eyelash curler

To figure out how to use an eyelash curler, you should first study the structure of the device. It consists of a handle, by pressing which the driving element works. A small platform that, when pressed, compresses with half of it.

How to use eyelash curlers correctly is a common question, but for this, a girl only needs to squeeze her hair between the curlers by pressing the lever.

If you use technology, like curling eyelashes with tweezers, as a result of makeup, a woman achieves the following effect:

  1. The hair is curled, and the mascara fixes this condition. During the day, this twist gives freshness to the girl’s look, as the eye visually opens up, and becomes wider and younger.
  2. If you follow the technique correctly, how to properly curl the eyelashes with forceps, the cilia are visually lengthened, revealing the girl’s gaze. Vegetation lengthening works regardless of the natural length of the eye hairline.
  3. With proper use of the device, the hairs are absolutely not injured, and the forceps become safe for the girl.

Be careful when using this method, as there is a risk that a violation of technology, how to curl eyelashes with forceps correctly, will lead to a deterioration in visual style.

Choosing an Eyelash Curler

Most eyelash curlers are made of metal, with a thin, vise-like gripper to hold the lashes in place. A spongy cushion in the lower section of the gripper protects the lashes as it shapes them. The gripper is controlled through a pair of finger loops.

Choosing an eyelash curler is simple. They are available in the cosmetics section of most drugstores and department stores. In most cases, the inexpensive curlers sold in discount drugstores do just as good a job, and last just as long, as the more expensive brand-name models.

Using Your Eyelash Curler

The best eyelash curlers will disappoint with the result of curling if you violate the technique of its implementation. Although there is nothing complicated about it, it is important to stick to the basic nuances.

Any tool should be thoroughly studied before applying it. There should be no sharp edges or burrs on the curler. Any defects can injure delicate skin!

Every time before using the eyelash curler, you should run your finger along the edge of the plate. There should be no bumps on it. You also need to make a push and make sure that the mechanism works smoothly, without jerks.

Instructions for using Eyelash curlers:

  1. First, you need to position the curler at the eye so that it is at an angle of 45 degrees. The upper plate should lie on the movable eyelid close to the roots of the eyelashes.
  2. The tool should still lie there, but you need to change the angle so that the tweezers are placed almost horizontally in the space. As a result, both the eyelid and eyelashes should be raised.
  3. Now you can clamp and hold the handles. How long it takes to do this, manufacturers give different information. It is worth reading before you curl your eyelashes with tongs. But experience shows that in this matter, too, everything is purely individual. Most often, you need to hold pens longer than manufacturers write. They promise that the hairs will twist in a couple of seconds, and in the end, to get the effect, you need to wait a few minutes. So practice is the best way to figure out the spin time.
  4. Further, the plate still remains at the upper eyelid, but the handles need to be diluted and raised. Thanks to this, the clip will move to the middle of the eyelashes. Again, you need to fix the tool for a long time, which is enough to get the result.
  5. It remains to perform one more step, shifting the clip to the very tips of the cilia.

A very important point to remember when learning how to curl your eyelashes with forceps for the first time: the plate is constantly pressed against the upper eyelid. Otherwise, the hair will be damaged!

It is also important, having bought a curler for eyelashes, to curl the hairs in stages. This will make the effect more stable.

Remember that the degree of pressure gradually decreases as you move from the roots to the tips. The fact is that the density of hairs becomes less, so you don’t need maximum effort at the end.

After it turned out to twist the eyelashes with forceps, it is worth making them up, because the mascara will additionally fix the result. Please note! Rubber gaskets on the plates need to be replaced regularly. You can just buy new ones periodically. If there are sudden grooves or cracks in the rubber, do not use the tool until the inserts are replaced.

Is it dangerous to use

A non-standard eyelash tool contributes to a spectacular result. However, be careful while using the device in order to get a positive result, reflected in the curved shape of the hair and the health of the eye.

Dangers when using the device can be reflected in different areas, initially pay attention to them in order to prevent negative consequences:

  1. metal temperature. Do not heat the device to the maximum temperature, as contact with the sensitive upper movable eyelid may cause burns. It is enough to hold the instrument under a stream of warm air or boiling water for ten seconds to achieve the desired temperature.
  2. Skin pinching. There is always a risk that with an unsuccessful movement, in addition to the cilia, you will hook the skin between the cavities. This will cause discomfort, which may cause slight bruising, including discoloration of the surface of the fabric.
  3. Eyelash damage. If the product is used incorrectly, there is a risk of making the hair brittle or causing it to fall out. This also happens with premature use of mascara.

Consider possible risks during work to prevent side effects from improper use of the tool.

Maintaining Your Eyelash Curler

After each use, gently wipe any mascara or other residue from the curler with a dry tissue.

Keep in mind that your eyelash curler will not last forever. While the metal frame may last for years, the cushion will typically wear out after three to six months of use – more frequently if you apply mascara to your lashes before curling. It is time to replace the cushion (or the curler) when the cushion loses its firmness or starts to fall out of the frame.

Most eyelash curler manufacturers sell replacement cushions. While this can be more economical, some women simply prefer to replace the entire curler when the cushion becomes worn. Let your budget be your guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to use an eyelash curler?

A: Yes, it is safe to use an eyelash curler if used correctly. Be sure to choose a high-quality eyelash curler that matches the natural curvature of your eyelashes and follow the instructions for use carefully.

Q: How do I choose the right eyelash curler for my eye shape?

A: When choosing an eyelash curler, consider the shape and size of your eyes. Look for a curler with a curvature that matches the natural curvature of your eyelashes. Some brands offer curlers specifically designed for different eye shapes, so be sure to research and find one that will work best for you.

Q: Can I use an eyelash curler on my bottom lashes?

A: It is not recommended to use an eyelash curler on your bottom lashes as it can be challenging to position the curler correctly and can cause damage to your lower lashes or eye area.

Q: How often should I replace my eyelash curler?

A: It is recommended to replace your eyelash curler every six months to a year or when it shows signs of wear and tear.

Q: Can I use an eyelash curler with eyelash extensions?

A: It is not recommended to use an eyelash curler with eyelash extensions as it can damage the extensions and natural lashes.

Q: How do I clean my eyelash curler?

A: After each use, wipe the curler with a clean, damp cloth. Once a week, clean the curler thoroughly with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Be sure to also replace the rubber pad on the curler if it shows signs of wear and tear.

Q: Can I curl my eyelashes without an eyelash curler?

A: Yes, there are alternative methods to curl your eyelashes, such as using a spoon or heating a regular mascara wand with a hairdryer before using it to curl your lashes. However, these methods may not provide the same results as using an eyelash curler.


An eyelash curler is a useful tool that allows you to transform a woman’s appearance for everyday makeup or a special occasion. However, be careful when using them, as they can be dangerous for a girl and lead to negative consequences as a result.

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