How to tighten loose skin

How to tighten loose skin

When you lose weight it can give you a great feeling of self-esteem, and yet unfortunately it can at times have negative side effects. Some people find themselves suffering from loose skin, which can be a very embarrassing experience. It can make you feel rather uncomfortable and fat even though you have already lost a lot of weight. Many people often turn to surgery to get rid of their problems, but this is something that should only be considered as a last resort. Here are some methods you can adopt to help tighten your loose skin without having to turn to surgery.

There are various factors that can be traced to developing loose skin in your body. Some of these are:

Weight Loss – If you had been obese and lost weight quickly thru a gastric bypass surgery or specialized diet method, your body is not prepared to quickly accommodate this weight loss. Thus when the body mass is lost you have loose hanging skin all over your body. It would take some time before your skin adjusts to the new body shape.

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, you are aware that your body goes thru a lot of changes. After the birth of the baby, it would take some time before you can get into shape and the loose skin would be lost. Learn more about how to tighten loose skin quickly below. We share our mommy tips with you What are the basics to be followed when you want to tighten your loose sagging skin?

Toning muscles during weight loss program – When you are on a diet to lose weight you want to support it with exercises like crunches, cycling, or planks or burpees. The skin would get loose once the muscle mass is lost. But when the muscles get toned with these exercises, you would lose good weight steadily and your skin would not get loose around the body.

Eat a proper diet – There are natural fruits like coconut, cucumber, olives that help to increase the elasticity of the skin. When eating these fresh fruits, you are preventing them from sagging over a long-term basis.

Drinking 8 glasses of water – When you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water you are cooling and rejuvenating your aged skin. Water moistens the skin from the inside and your skin would be smooth and enjoy a healthy glow.It must be mentioned that age has a way of catching up with us. You have to accept the changes in your body and be positive enough to enjoy life as it is.

Undergoing strength training – This is a special type of training when fitness experts would help you to tighten the loose skin in your stomach after pregnancy. You can consult your doctor before starting on it.

Nourish and moisture your skin – How you take care of your skin when you are young goes a long way to prevent sagging in your skin when you age. You should develop a habit of moisture your skin in the night and keep it free from grime and dirt on a daily basis.

Proven and Successful Skin Tightening Solutions

Specialized Skin Creams

A simple method of how to tighten loose skin is using special skin creams. These creams will reduce the signs of aging-fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin. This is a personal must-have for my collection.
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Body Wraps

These are very popular noncosmetic methods that tighten loose skin. Regular usage of body wraps will tone your skin and prevent it from sagging. You typically see results in just 2 applications! It is amazing.
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Laser Treatment

This method is used to tighten the skin around the face, neck area, upper arm, and buttocks. The operation takes a few hours and with a week’s rest, you can say goodbye to your loose skin and enjoy your new look. I would much sooner recommend the above two proven methods over the laser treatment without a doubt.


Using a moisturizer every day can help you keep your skin’s elasticity when you are losing weight. Simply using some form of skincare cream every morning can add up to 70 percent of the moisture in your body. If it’s more convenient for you to use moisturizer at night, then it may be a good idea for you to sleep in long sleeves and pants in order to make sure that it doesn’t rub off your skin during the night.

Body Scrub

Using a good body scrub around four times a week when you are in the shower or the bath can also be extremely beneficial. This will help get rid of any dead skin you may have, which will give your skin a chance to rejuvenate itself faster than if it was left to its own devices. If you use the body scrub gently then it can leave your skin feeling very soft afterward.

Patience When Losing Weight

If you are embarking on some form of weight loss program, then the best way to avoid any skin problems in the future is to approach your program with patience. Losing just two or three pounds a week should be the absolute limit as losing weight quickly can leave your skin flabby. If you are patient then your skin will be able to adapt to the weight loss.

Lift Weights

It may seem a little obvious, but while you are losing weight it is important that you also lift weights. By doing this your muscles will remain strong and your skin will also adjust to the change in muscle mass. Lifting weights around four times a week will have a very positive effect. Start out with smaller weights at first until it becomes easier for you to lift them, then move on to bigger weights.

Dealing with this problem is certainly not an easy thing to do and it can take a lot of time, but it is certainly something worth pursuing. Surgery is something that can be rather unnecessary in some cases, so it should always remain a last resort until you have tried some of the methods above to improve the condition of your skin. These are also methods than can be employed while you are losing weight in order to avoid loose skin in the future.

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