How to Thin Nail Polish Quickly

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Better to go bare rather than nail polish that has thickened beyond repair, right? But in an emergency, here’s how to repair that fav shade in a jiffy!

The easiest way to avoid getting thickened nail polish is to keep your collection to a minimum. But let’s face it, we need the red one, pink too, occasional gothic black and dramatic berry, and the blue, and the green and the yellow… And amidst all these regulars, why forget the color trends of neon and fuchsia?

You get the picture! Getting your favorite nail polish is fun and painting nails in these beautiful colors are really cool. The not-so-fun part is when your favorite nail paint is thickened and you will have to step out without it. Applying that gooey nail paint can take down your appeal many notches. Here’s how to “repair” that thickened nail paint before showing it in the bin!

Add some acetone in Nail Polish:

Harmful it may be, but to renew that favorite nail polish, add 2-3 drops of acetone (fragrant nail polish removers or acetone-free ones would not do). Shake the bottle once, upside down, and then let it settle. Don’t shake it more lest it becomes bubbly!

In hot water:

Keep the thickened nail paint bottle under warm running water for five minutes. Roll it between your palms. Keep it on a flat surface for few minutes and you are ready to apply it again.

Tips for longer life :

  1. Contrary to popular belief, storing nail polish in the fridge will not keep them thin for longer.
  2. Keep them away from heat. Your bathroom or a sunny corner is a bad place to keep your nail paints and a sure way to ruin them fast. Store it in a cool dry place, like in a nail paint box in your cupboard or your dresser.
  3. Keep in mind that nail polish expires in 2-3 years so after they have lived their life, part ways. At the end of the day, they are made of harsh chemicals.
  4. You must have seen your mom or the parlor chick shake the bottle vigorously before applying it. Sorry to burst that bubble too, but this will make it more “bubbly” and spoil it for good.
  5. Also, try not to hoard too many of them at once. This is one fashion that’s easy to follow and not heavy on your wallet. So why stock up all of them and let most of it get wasted? One for each month is a feasible option.
  6. Buy the smallest size available – you may love that gigantic bottle of red but what’s the use if it dries out midway?
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