How do termites affect your home?

“Termites” I don’t know if everyone knows, if there are termites in the home, it will suffer, and the wooden floor or wooden furniture will be gnawed, which will seriously affect our normal life. So how to prevent termites at home? Today, the editor will bring you the introduction of termite prevention methods, let’s take a look.

termites affect your home?

Termites are the main culprit of home decoration hazards. When you find that you have them, you should immediately ask professionals to prevent and control them. Otherwise, it will not be a problem for it to multiply to the entire building or the entire community! So, do you really know about termites?

The room is humid for a long time, which is prone to termites. Termites are quite harmful to wooden furniture. They feed on wood and reproduce very quickly. The prevention and control of termites should be done as soon as possible. If you find them, you should immediately ask professionals to control them. Otherwise, it will breed It is not a problem to go to the whole building or the whole community! So, do you really know about termites?

Classes and classifications of termites

Termites are insects of the order Isoptera and live in groups. In its colony, there is a very strict rank system, sticking to specific functions, people call it “termite kingdom”. 

Termites are also known as worms, commonly known as large water ants (because they usually appear before rain, hence the name), a general term for isopteran insects, about 3,000 species. It is an incomplete metamorphosis and is a social insect, and the number of termites in each termite nest can reach more than one million. 

Grades of termites

The most striking feature of termites’ biological characteristics is that they live in social colonies. The number of individuals in a group varies according to different species, ranging from tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals to form a complete nest system. This is not a simple aggregation of individuals. 

In the same colony, individuals of different grades, such as queen ants, queen ants, soldier ants, worker ants, larvae, nymphs, and ant eggs, are in different positions and have their special functions and divisions of labor. They depend on each other, help each other, and restrict each other. As a result, the entire nest group continues to grow and develop, and the individuals who are separated from the group cannot survive for a long time in nature, let alone reproduce offspring.

The queen ant and the queen ant are the highest leaders in the colony. During their life span of several decades, they live all year round in the palace of the ant nest specially made by the worker ants. They specialize in mating, laying eggs, reproducing offspring, and even feeding them with worker ants. . Worker ants are the most numerous, accounting for more than 80% of the entire colony.

They are busy all year round foraging, building roads, cultivating roads, building ant nests, transporting ant eggs, helping young ants hatch and molting, and feeding ants. Kings, queens, soldiers, nymphs, and larvae, so worker ants are the most destructive class in termite colonies, endangering human clothing, food, housing, transportation, and other aspects. Soldier ants only account for 5% to 15% of the colony, and they are responsible for guarding the invasion of foreign enemies and protecting the safety of the ant colony. 

Nymphs are only produced in mature colonies. Under normal circumstances, they develop into winged adults (reproductive ants). After the breeding season in the coming year, they break away from the original ant colony and regenerate a new generation of ant colonies. The colony of termites, relying on the role of various grades, has maintained its prosperity for decades, doing its best.

Types of termites

There are many kinds of termites. There are four families, forty-seven genera, and more than four hundred and eighty species of termites known in my country. Among them, the more serious damages are the domestic termite (also called Taiwan milk termite), the soil-dwelling black-winged termite, the yellow-winged termite, and the black-breasted termite, yellow-breasted termite, and sand-pilling termite. Wait. The most serious damage in the Guangzhou area is the domestic termite, among which the scattered termite species, the black-winged termite, and the yellow-winged termite are more harmful to the dam.

Why do termites appear in the home?

First of all, with traditional barriers and practices, termite “invasion” is often not known to us until the real termite damage is found, which is quite serious at this time. For termite control treatments, it is best to find a control specialist with extensive experience that can not only effectively kill termites but also reduce damage to a good renovation.

Do your own “going to the doctor in a hurry”, so as not to delay the prevention and control of time and cause greater losses. General termite control methods can be divided into the following categories: the former construction: in the past housing construction, soil treatment preventive measures should be taken, and the chemicals used to kill termites were found to prevent termites from entering the house.

Before decorating: Treat wood used for decorating to remove moths and termites on the wood. Apply a protective coating to the surface of decorative wood to prevent termite damage. After construction: After the building is completed, or the house that has existed for a long time, once the termites are found to be harmful, it must be treated urgently, and the agent must be injected into the wood to kill the termites or moths that eat the wood, and protect the house from termites.

Secondly, before the termite nest eradication race law, the main problem of termite control basic chemicals leaching, but with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the long-term lack of drugs, termite control urgently needs new and more effective ways to nest termite eradication system (SENTRICON * Colony Elimination System) came into being. Ant nest people eliminate termites and ants systems have fed each other responsible for feeding soldiers, larvae, queen ants, and ants developed after the habit.

The system uses 6 volts containing long bait (Hexflumuron) to feed termites. Hexavolone is an insect growth regulator, insect stripping is inhibited, workers cannot take prey strippers leading to death, so the entire group is eliminated This is a solution to termites Basic approach to the root of the problem.

How to control termite 6 steps

1. Termites like wood fibers, especially pine, cardboard, books, etc. “This is a tragedy.”.If the wood has a loose smell, it is easy to attract termites to the “fast-acting flowers”.Therefore, pine, pine ceilings, etc. are prone to become the main erosion of termites and need more attention.

2. Termite nests are particularly afraid of disturbance or vibration, so their hiding place is likely to be in the rest of the wood or furniture.

3. From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm is the best time for termites to “fly”.During this time, doors and windows must be closed to prevent termites from flying in. There is a little trick. You can put a basin of water under the lamp. Termites mistake the light in the water for light and fly over, so they drown when they fall into the water.

4. It is best for new houses to do termite control for the whole house before the renovation, spray anti-termite syrup (but the drug can only last for 3 years), and use as little wood as possible during the renovation.

5. How did you find the termite nest? Termites like to build nests along walls, feet, ceilings, etc. There is usually an “ant road”. “Ant road” is actually black or grey termite excrement, and termite-infested ceilings will show signs of poor printing or mildew, and floors will become soft and swell.

6. Flying termites, a popular insecticide, can play a certain role in alleviating, but if the termites have “rooted”, you can not use insecticides at this time, so as not to scare the snakes and cause the transfer of termite nests. Nest termites can be used for powder. Termite powder is contagious and can spread the infection to other termites, which can play a good insecticidal effect. And the more obvious the effect of an ant colony.

Fourth, the best way to prevent termites in home decoration

1. Before decoration, spray the work first, focusing on possible contact with wooden wall parts, such as door covers, window covers, skirting, wall skirts, cabinets, etc.

2. After the hydropower transformation, after the hydropower transformation is completed, spray the medicine on the wire groove and the wire box.

3. Some decorative woods used for spraying on the above method can play a very good role in preventing.

4. Before paving the wooden floor, the medicine can be sprayed on the ground.


If you have termites in your home, use the above methods to solve them as soon as possible to avoid causing more trouble to your home. The above is the introduction of termite control methods, I hope it can help you, thank you for your attention.

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