Small business ideas

Small business ideas

In the world of small businesses, there has almost always been a wide array of opportunities available for the right person and personality. Even in hard times, when money was hard to come by, and jobs still harder to find, people have found ways to fill needs and bring some income into their homes. Today’s opportunities are no different. In fact, the options available for small business entrepreneurs are probably a wide-open field these days. If you can think it, you can probably achieve it.

Here are some options to consider:

Sell anything!

  • Flowers from a street corner (make a deal with a local florist or flower wholesaler)
  • Homemade treats (check on necessary licenses, then sell at flea markets, to local restaurants, wherever there are hungry people to feed)
  • Wholesale products (from baskets to gifts to everything in between, you can purchase directly from wholesalers, or through businesses that specialize in securing the best wholesale prices for member wholesalers)
  • Flea markets (empty out the clutter in your attic, basement, storage shed, or bedroom closets, and set up at an already established flea market, or as a yard sale in front of your own house.
  • Firewood (if you own tree-filled land, or have access to same, put a little muscle into it, and get ready for winter needs)
  • Produce (grow your own fruits and vegetables, or set up shop with a local grower and sell their home-grown goods)

Write to it!

  • Newsletters (your own or for local businesses and corporations)
  • Pamphlets and brochures (for your own business, or solicit business from local companies)
  • Book and movie reviews (for local or regional newspapers, or try for your favorite magazine)
  • Letters (write letters for the folks who are creative-letter-writing-challenged)
  • Resumes (for students and others)
  • Column (have something interesting to say? Check with your local newspaper, or reach out to wider audiences and go regional, national, global?)
  • Author (Are there books in your head just begging to be written? Well, sit down and start writing!)
  • Press releases (for small businesses, artists and craftspeople, anyone who may be too small an enterprise to have a personal PR department)
  • Relocation Guides (for your own well-known hometown, or for other regions which you know well, or which can be easily researched)

Serve the public!

  • House sitting (stay in someone’s home while they’re away, water the plants, feed the pets, and pick up mail and newspapers for them)
  • Pet sitting (keep someone’s pets while they go away, either in your own home, or checking in at the owner’s home)
  • Babysitting (always a need for really good babysitters, you might even consider elder-sitting, staying with older people who are unable to be alone, while their family members take a night off)
  • Event planner (Are you really good at planning the perfect event? Hire yourself out to businesses and groups who desperately need new ideas for more creative gatherings.)
  • Dating/Pen Pals (set up a referral business to connect potential dates and/or pen pals with one another)
  • Wedding planner (Put your organizational skills to great use, easing the overloaded burdens of every nervous bride and groom.)
  • Handyman or Rent-a-husband (do odd jobs for people who are unable to do them for themselves – great for single moms and dads, elderly living alone, etc.)
  • Secretarial service (provide all those business services that small companies can’t afford to hire full time help to accomplish)
  • Wake-up Calls (make calls at appointed times, to wake up the deep sleepers who need to get up and at it)
  • Check-up calls (make calls on elderly or otherwise house-bound folks, and let family members have peace of mind, knowing someone will always be checking on a loved one, and alert the necessary resources in an event of a problem or emergency)

No matter what you think you can do, or can’t do, for that matter, there is something out there with your name all over it. Examine your own background, skills, education, and personal likes, hobbies, and other activities. Find your strong points and zero in on the areas where you feel you could most make a go of it. The list is virtually endless.

Again, if you can think it, you can probably achieve it.

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