How to Replace a Garage Door Panel

How to Replace a Garage Door Panel

There is a new procedure to replace garage door panels in town. Denver Garage Door Experts have come up with an efficient and effective way to remove the old, damaged panel and install a new one on the same garage door. If you had banged your car into your garage door, damaging the panels, do not be worried because you can have the panels replaced. And no one will know you have replaced your panels because the process is precise and accurate.

First, these are the materials and tools needed to replace a garage door panel: screwdriver, ladder, hammer, vise clamps, power drill and replacement panels . If you want to replace your panels, do not be worried about these tools and materials unless you want to do it on your own. The garage door repair experts have all these tools and know how to choose right panels for your garage door.

The panel replacement procedure starts with ordering the panels. Whether your door is aluminum or wooden, these experts will find the panel material that suits your door. The right panels can only be obtained from the manufacturer of your garage door. The experts will help you secure the exact number of panels you need for your door.

The second step is to remove the old panels. The Denver-based garage door experts will consider safety as the number one thing when removing the damaged panels. The garage door opener should be unplugged and the springs removed before bringing the old panels down. The panels are attached to each other by hinges. The side of panels in contact with the track is held with hinge brackets.

To make the removal process easier, the upper part of the garage door should be separated with the lower part. The two parts are then held in place with the vise clamps. Each panel is removed from the door by unscrewing the hinges. The rollers slide out of the track when unscrewing the hinge brackets.

New panels can be installed on the garage door after the damaged panels have been removed. Before putting the first lower panel in place, the rollers should be slid back into the track. The panel is then fixed on the track with hinge brackets. Another panel is fixed on top of the first panel with hinges and bolts. More panels are fixed one by one, on top of each other, until the two parts of the garage door regain the desired shape.

Finally, the upper and lower parts of the garage door are fixed together. Any loose hinges and bolts are tightened to make the door firm. The springs are put back into their holes and fitted tightly. The garage door opener is plugged back in ready to test the door. The panels should now be able to slide up and down smoothly when the door is being operated.

You may want to re-paint your garage door to improve its appearance. You can do this on your own if you have time. Your garage door should look pretty new after replacing the panels and re-painting it.

Denver Garage Door Experts are always ready to handle any garage door repair or installation task for you. You can even enjoy amazing garage door offers when dealing with these professionals. So associate yourself with these door experts for high quality garage door services.

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