Power drill: How many bits do you need?

Power drill: How many bits do you need?

A power drill can make your “do it yourself” life around your house a lot easier! Not only can a power drill bore holes into wood or other materials, but, with the right type of bits, it can also serve as a powerful screwdriver that can loosen or tighten flat head, Phillips, metal, or hex screws. In fact, your power drill can loosen or tighten many types of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners… as long as you have the proper drill bits.

So, how many drill bits do you need? The answer is, as many as it takes to get your jobs around the house done! Generally, if you purchase a set of steel, spiral drill bits, this collection can handle most of the drilling jobs around your house. Be sure to invest in a quality set of bits because they will stay sharper and last longer than cheaper ones. These bits can drill into wood, but, they can’t be used for boring holes into concrete or metal because different materials require different types of bits. Therefore, if you want to be able to drill through wood, concrete, or metal, you’re going to need three sets of bits for those applications alone. Drill bits that are made for boring wood have a thin, wide steel shank with a sharp point on its end. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from eight millimeters to thirty-two millimeters in diameter.

A concrete or masonry bit is made differently because, obviously, concrete is a more durable material than wood. These bits are usually made from hardened tungsten carbide. Their carbide shafts have deep spiral grooves on them. These grooves help to move the loosened concrete or masonry material out of the hole. A masonry drill bit can range in size from four millimeters to four hundred millimeters.

Now, if you want to take full advantage of your power drill and use it as a screwdriver for flat head, Phillips, or hex screws, then you’re going to need an additional set of bits. These bits are also made of a durable hardened steel. Their shafts are round so they can fit securely into your power drill. Their tops resemble the tip of a screwdriver in that they are made to fit a variety of screw types. A set of these bits usually includes several sizes of flat, Phillips, metal, and hex tips so that you have whatever size you need for the job at hand.

Also, you can purchase a set of drill bits that will fit your power drill to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. These bits can be especially helpful for removing rusted fasteners. This set of bits includes one shaft that fits all of the bits or sockets. This shaft has a square base, but a round shaft. The square base fits into the bottom of the sockets, while the round shaft fits into your power drill.

If you plan on doing other jobs around the house that require boring a hole in tile, plastic, or glass, then you’ll need to make a trip to your local hardware to purchase special bits for drilling those materials.

So, how many drill bits you need depends on the number of jobs you want to get done while using your power drill. At the very least, though, you should have a set of spiral drill bits, since these will get most of the general jobs done.

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