How to remove the smell from shoes instantly

If you are an athlete or have particularly sweaty feet, you know what I’m talking about. You wear two pairs of socks and your feet still sweat through to your shoes, causing major shoe odor. If you wear work boots in the warm weather, you might even need to pass out protective face masks to … Read more

How to remove stains from clothes home remedies

Ink and blood are common stains on clothes. Proper stain removal techniques to handle the results of the stain in bright-looking clothes. Failure to apply the correct techniques in cleaning off the stains will leave the clothes with undesirable patches from the stains. This content has integral information regarding how to remove stains from clothes … Read more

How to have a successful garage sale

Garage sales represent different things to different people. The bargain hunter, screeching to a halt at the first sign of a garage sale, is looking for a good deal on a useful item. Dedicated garage sales, armed with maps of advertised garage sales and steaming cups of coffee, set out early in the morning to … Read more

How to chop firewood with an axe

The smell of the forest, trees all around you, and the sound of chirping birds. Chopping wood brings out the primal man in you. And let’s be honest: isn’t it much more fun to chop your own firewood in the fresh air than to buy a ready-made bag at the hardware store? In any case, we can’t get … Read more

How to hammer nails safely

At some point in our lives, we often find the need to use a hammer for one task or another. Hammering a nail is not just a job for handymen or construction workers. Most of the time, a person will use a hammer for everyday uses, such as putting up pictures and putting together shelves … Read more

How to read a measuring tape

Because so many activities and projects depend on precise measurements, a good measuring tape is an essential item for any toolkit, sewing box, or sports bag. Not all measuring tapes are alike, however, so it’s also important to make sure the measuring tape is suited to the work at hand. Construction workers and DIY handymen … Read more

How to pick a lock with one paperclip

Locking yourself out of your home can be terribly frustrating and stressful. If you don’t have a spare key it usually means you’ll have to break a window, damage a door, or call a locksmith. Replacing a broken door or window can be very costly and locksmiths have a tendency to take you for all … Read more

How to scrape paint from furniture

A fresh paint job can give any piece of wood furniture a new life. Old pieces can look new again and liven up any room decor. Sometimes great pieces of furniture can be found at flea markets or garage and yard sales. With a little work, a five-dollar investment can add beauty to your living … Read more

How to use a shop vacuum

Do you have a Shop Vacuum languishing in your basement? Many of us bought one of these heavy-duty cleaners for picking up sawdust around the tool bench, but the truth of the matter is there’s so much more to a shop vac than cleaning up after the family handyman. When you consider the amount of … Read more

How to use hex keys

Hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches) are useful little tools that are often misunderstood in regards to their usage and purpose. Their name comes from the fact that they have six sides of the same size, and they are inserted into a hole in the bolt or object that they are being used to … Read more