How to tell if your makeup is causing acne

It is always a dilemma for women, to use makeup when they suffer from acne and pimples . Hopefully, you know that some makeup is not good for your skin.You still apply a thick layer of make-up to camouflage the pimples. You’re not the only one and you won’t be the last. There is even … Read more

How to curl short hair overnight

Curls are a universal hairstyle for anyone. They can look casual and neat, bold and romantic, cute, and rock ‘ n ‘ roll. You can make curls for short hair in various ways, which we will now tell you about. With short hair, you can also use various methods to change the look, hairstyle. Curls will … Read more

How and why to use a ceramic hair tool

Is your hair curly or wavy? Does it frizz when the weather is humid? Have you always wanted to have straight hair? Have you ever wondered how your favorite stars go easily from curly to beautiful, straight hair? A ceramic hair tool can make your hair straight and silky, with no signs of frizz. Good … Read more

How to get glowing skin naturally in a week

There is nothing worse than suffering from dry, irritated skin. Even when it feels like you have moisturized enough, the itching and burning caused by the dryness always return. There are so many factors that contribute to dry skin; soap, weather, genetics, and diet are the main causes. Luckily, dry skin can be treated, and … Read more

How to style box braids for work

style braid box for work

Braids, braids, and more braids. We are so happy about this! There are so many options for braiding your hair and we are going to explain How to style box braids for work today. The best part is, of course, that you can braid yourself. There are so many ways to braid, from simple to … Read more

How to make your lips sexier

There are plenty of measures a person can take to ensure a sexy set of lips no matter what their age, but there are also a few age-specific tricks to keeping your pout pretty. Let’s start with the tips that everyone can, and should, use. 1) Exfoliate your lips. Smooth lips are sexy lips, after … Read more

How to treat dry and frizzy hair

Dry frizzy hair is something that everyone has experienced. In most cases, it seems that men don’t really mind, but for women, it can be especially distressing. The natural question then is how to treat – or even prevent – frizzy hair? There are many possible ways to do both, some of them are simple, … Read more

How to remove hair dye from skin

A common problem during hair dyeing is hair dye that ends up on the skin! This happens in the hair salon but also at home. After dyeing, you can see that the hair dye has ended up in the weirdest places, such as on the forehead, fingers, or wrists. How do you best remove that … Read more

How does nail hardener work

There are two manners by which nail hardeners work. One is by just giving a defensive covering, permitting the nail to develop further and sound. Wearing nail clean consistently does this similarly just as nail hardeners that work along these lines. The alternate way, the most widely recognized way, is by entering the nail and … Read more