Men’s grooming: How to use tweezers

Men's grooming: How to use tweezers

Men’s grooming issues are different than women’s, especially when it comes to hair. Whereas men might want some hair on certain areas of their faces, women want only eyebrow hair – if that. But, no matter how well-groomed you are, there’s always that stray hair that wants to pop up in an unusual place and stick straight out.

Either that or as you get older, hair begins to grow together or grow in places where you never had hair before. Tweezers are an easy way to take care of the problem if you know how to use them properly. If not, you can face painful pinches and plucks, leaving the skin red and stinging. Having the right set of tweezers is important.

Most tweezers are made with women in mind but men can buy a manicure set that has tweezers more suited for a man’s grip. Some tweezers have a rubber grip which is helpful in keeping the tweezers from slipping out of your hands.

Between the eyebrows you’ll often see a stray hair that isn’t exactly on the right brow’s or the left brow’s team. When a few other hairs join the one rebel, you might start noticing that people are looking at your eyebrows rather than your eyes. Hold the tweezer at the rubber grip, or about two-thirds of the way down on tweezers with no grip.

Look in the mirror under very good lighting and position the tweezers to where one side of the tweezer is on one side of the hair, and the other side of the tweezer is on the opposite side of the hair. Grab the hair close to the skin, but not right next to the skin. In getting too close to the skin your risk pinching yourself, but in pulling the hair too close to the end, the hair will sometimes break in half rather than come out completely.

As you get older, more and more of the hairs can appear, making it necessary to pluck 7 or 8 at a time. A dot of lotion can be rubbed between the eyebrows to soothe any irritation from the plucking.

Although you might have a beard and mustache, there’s a random whisker that just doesn’t stay where you would like it to. There’s always that one hair, especially if it’s gray, that’s standing up, drawing attention.

If it’s in the middle of your beard or mustache, it’ll be nearly impossible to trim it with a razor, without cutting surrounding whiskers. Separate it as much as possible from surrounding hair. Position the tweezers as close to the root as possible and pull quickly.

Yank a hair from a nostril and you likely won’t do that again. One of the most painful things in the world is to pull a nose hair out by the root. One hair can cause watering eyes, a runny and red nose, and the determination to never pull that stunt again, as long as you live. There are implements made especially for trimming nostrils hair, but if these aren’t available to you, wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it to the nostril area until somewhat numb.

Now pluck the hair and any others that need it, while you’re there. Always keep personal utensils sterile by rinsing them with alcohol before and after using them.

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