How to make candle at home for business

How to make candle at home for business

If you are looking for a home business, candle-making might be a good choice. The retail candle business is a 2.8 billion dollar business. Candles are popular gifts for Christmas, weddings, housewarming parties, and birthdays. Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small tea light candles to large pillars and everything in between.

Candle-making can be a time-consuming and rewarding career. Like any small business, you should first decide what kind of product you would like to sell. It is better to experiment and see what type of candle you prefer to work with before diving in. There are different types of wax from which to choose. Paraffin, beeswax, and soy are your main choices. You can create votives, pillars, jar candles, or tapers.

One of the first things you should do is contact your local small business association about rules and regulations that you must follow. You will also need a tax ID number to run your home business. You may want to open a separate checking account to use just for your candle business. Consult an accountant about how best to keep records so that tax filing is simple.

Candles are a popular home-based business, so you’ll want to look around to see what is offered in the area where you live. Browse craft shows and craft stores to see what others offer. You may find local classes in candle making to help you get started. There are also a large variety of books and online resources that will help you on your way.

Start up costs will depend on what you may already own. Any home business needs a good computer, high quality printer and separate phone line. If you already have these items, your start up costs will be considerably lower. The computer is needed for bookkeeping and other record keeping. The internet is also a great place to sell your candles, so you need a computer to run your website.

You will also need some basic candle-making tools. You’ll want to decide what kind of candles you wish to make before buying supplies, including shape and type of wax. These supplies are available from a large variety of suppliers. You can purchase them from a local retailer or from an online supplier. Do some research to find the best price for what you need.

This is a list of supplies you will need to make your candles.

wax – The most common types of wax are paraffin, soy, and beeswax.

fragrance additive

dye additive

Stearin – This is stearic acid. It helps with the overall quality of the candle.


wick holders

thermometer – You will need one that has a temperature range of 100 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

pots and bowls

knives, stirrers, and ladles


molds and mold sealers for any candle other than jar candles

jars – If you wish to make jar candles, you will need these.

Once you have your equipment, start experimenting with different candles until you find what you want to produce. The combinations of colors and fragrances are almost limitless. Take your time perfecting your candles.

You may want to have friends and relatives burn some of your candles, and let you know what they liked and didn’t like about them. Experiment with additives and scents until you find some that you love. Be creative with the scent and look of your candle.

Decide on a name for your business. A good name and creative packaging will help you sell more candles. The more unique your product, the more memorable your business will be. You can create and print your own labels at home with a high quality printer. Run some ads in your local paper and have business cards printed. Carry the business cards with you where ever you go.

You will need to decide on a price for your candles. An easy way to do this is to charge by the ounce. Add up the costs of your materials by what you use for each ounce of the candle. This would include the wax, scent, wick, dye, additives, packaging, and container if you are making jar candles.

Multiply the number you come up with by the number of ounces in each candle. For the retail price, you’ll want to take the price per candle and multiply it by three or four to get your selling price.

Do some research in your area as well. See what comparable candles are selling for. People are willing to pay more for quality products, but you don’t want your price to be so high that they shop elsewhere.

Next, decide where you will be selling your product. Most candlemakers begin selling their candles at local craft fairs or craft stores. You can start a website to reach a larger market. Find local gift stores that carry candles, and see if they might carry your line.

Take your time, and don’t give up if you have a product you believe in and love. Remember that building any business takes time and hard work. Once you have a product that is high quality and that you believe in, word will get around, and your business will grow.

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