Legitimate work from home jobs

Legitimate work from home jobs

So you want to work from home?

You are not alone. Working from home is becoming the American Dream. First, you need to look at why you want this. Maybe you want to be a stay-at-home mom, maybe you don’t enjoy the work experience or maybe you just hate your boss.

Whatever your reason, know that working from home can be very challenging. It is up to you to set your hours and work them. There are so many distractions that you may come to the end of the day and realize you forgot to go to work. It helps to be self-motivated and have strong skin if you want to work from home.

Many people are so desperate to find a job that they find an opportunity that looks good, and end up being scammed. A rule of thumb, NEVER PAY MONEY TO BE HIRED. If someone is looking to employ you, they will pay all the processing fees. Some other things to keep in mind: if it looks too good to be true it most likely is and be skeptical of promises of big money.

Envelope stuffing and most assembly jobs are scams. Most envelope stuffing scams require you to send them money. They will then mail or email you a letter which teaches you how to scam others. With the assembly jobs, you pay for the materials. Then when you send back the work, it has to meet their specs. If the crafts are not perfect by their rules, you do not get paid. Most often it is very difficult to meet their criteria.

Surveys are another popular area for trying to earn money. Surveys are a great hobby, not a source of income. There is no guarantee that you will earn money. Some companies only offer products, raffles, or reward you with points which you can use to buy items or cash out when you have a certain amount of points. For all companies, you must first qualify for their survey. You can go months without getting an invite to participate. That said – any money you earn will not be enough to live off. NEVER PAY FOR A LIST OF SURVEY COMPANIES. You can find free lists all over the website.

Now that you know what not to look for in a job, there are ways you can work from home. Jobs do exist, but they are hard to find. Many of those who work from home have their own business. If you decide to go that route, remember there is no such thing as no selling; anyone who tells you no selling is involved is trying to sell you something. Even if you are offering a service, you still need to sell yourself. Do not think of this as a negative. Instead, look at what others will gain from your service or product.



Some jobs can be done at home. If you have a good rapport with your employer, come up with a plan on how you can work from home and meet with them. Be sure to include the hours that you will work and times when you will stop into their office.


There are job listings online, but they are competitive. Many require a certain degree, like becoming a medical transcriptionist, or they may require you to have access to certain equipment. Remember, never pay for a job. If your house is quiet, you can do some inbound telemarketing calls from home. However, you are only paid for the time you are on the phone.

Freelance or outsource.

Look inside yourself. What skills do you have? What training have you received that you can make work for you? Make a menu of services you can offer others and sell them to others. Ideas for freelance work include writing, accounting, computer programming, website design or maintenance, proofreading, transcribing, customer service, or public relations. Remember, it may take some time for you to get your name out there. Do not get discouraged. Persistence is very important to living your lifelong dream.

Start or create a business.

You may have skills or a passion that others will benefit from. Party planners, dog walkers, personal organizers and even personal coaches are growing in popularity. These businesses are home based, meaning you do a lot of work from home, but you may need to go out to meet with clients or do a job. You are still your own boss.

Direct Sales.

Direct sales are quickly becoming the work from home job of choice. Though they are mostly known for home parties, many businesses have alternate ways to sell their products. Plus, with direct sales you can earn a residual income, meaning you get paid to help others succeed. The key to a strong direct sales business is finding your perfect fit. You need to love what you do, or you will not work. There are direct sales businesses for everything including toys, wine, makeup, spa essentials, jewelry, clothes, purses, crafts, scrapbooking, home decorating, and food.

Now that you have some ideas of how to find a legitimate work from home job, look inside yourself and put your skills and passion to work for you. Don’t give up; your dream job is waiting for you somewhere. Someone wrote this article from home!

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