Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape Photography Tips

Taking good landscape pictures does depend on a little planning and not just snapshotting. First, have a reason for taking the picture, to have a record of an interesting place, scenic beauty, or to produce a picture appealing to the observer by its charm of line and tone. All these qualities can be combined but only one of them should be dominant and to someone looking at the picture there should never be a question as to why the picture was taken.

You’ll want to not only take a picture that is satisfactory pictorially but you’ll want it technically correct also. When you use good composition and this is very important in landscapes you are simply bringing together things in an orderly and symmetrical arrangement.

If you will notice on perhaps older pictures that even you yourself have taken three is usually enough material for two or more complete pictures crowded into one so that the eye wanders when looking at the picture. In other words, you have included too much within the confines of one picture. Selection of the picture is the first task to accomplish. Simplicity is the basis of artistic work. Try to have one dominant subject, the object of one principal interest.

Naturally, when taking pictures of landscapes you’ll have to make decisions for each picture such as; a road or a stream should be taken from an angle and include a curve if possible, as curved lines are more beautiful than straight ones. Strive to combine the masses, tones, and lines to produce a pleasing general effect. Try not to divide the picture into horizontal or vertical lines making two equal parts.

Try also to have the sun a little to one side behind you when taking a picture: if there is an illumination from the sun in the back of the camera, the shadows are usually lost, giving the picture a flat appearance. Try taking pictures in the early morning or late afternoons to provide the best opportunities for taking your pictures.

Some people believe that landscape pictures are not as interesting as ones with people are in them, but that is an individual preference.

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