How to Install a Mailbox

Choose the location of your mailbox

Dig an area 500mm x 500mm wide. Wide enough to fit a precast concrete slab. The hole needs to be slightly deeper than the paver slab.

To ensure the concrete pad sits level place sand under the slab first. Check that the slab is level and does not rock. Adjust using the sand until this is right.

Place base on concrete pad. Get the base into the right position. Mark with a pencil around the base. Stand base on the side. Run a bead of construction glue under the base of the mailbox. One thick line is enough. Please base in to position by leaning over. The base can slide if there is too much glue. If this is the case it is sometimes best to wait until the glue has set.

The next step is gluing the shaft on top of the base. The easiest way to do this is to position the shaft onto the base. Get a helper to lean the shaft over and run a bead of construction glue under the shaft. When done lean the shaft back into position.

Next place the mailbox section on the shaft. Run a thick bead around the top of the shaft. Place the mailbox section into place.

And to finish run a thick bead of glue around the top of the mailbox section. Place the cap on top of the mailbox. Straighten as required.

Leave until the glue has fully cured. This normally takes 24 hours.

  • The most important part is the preparation.
  • If the glue oozes out it is best to leave it until it drys. When dry grab a knife and slowly peel it off.
  • When running a bead of glue it is best to place it on the inner side of the products. When the pieces are placed onto each other the weight squashes the glue.