How to increase sales in small business

increase sales in small business

Whether you are well established or just getting started in your small business, here are ten keys to making your sales successful.

Remember SW to the power of 3

Some will, some won’€™t, so what. One of the biggest pitfalls to a successful sales career is the fear of hearing €œno€ all the time. This comes in many different varieties: we€’re just looking, I need to compare, I have to ask my spouse first, and so on and so forth. Remember if your product is in the right market, you just have to play the sorting game with people. Some will buy and some won’t. Whatever you do, don’t take the rejection personally.

Know your product

If you cannot be stirred from a dead sleep, and answer any question thrown at you about your product or products in less than fifteen seconds, you need to do more research. Knowledge is power in the world of sales. When dealing with a potential customer, your grasp of knowledge about the product carries nearly as much influence as the product, itself.

Make your business or product unique

If I can walk down the street and buy the same product or service from someone who has been around forever, why should I risk my hard-earned dollars on you? You have to show me how your product or service is better than anyone else in town.

In sales, there is a price, quality, and service

No matter what promise they make no business can stay in business by trying to offer all three of these. You must pick two. Select the two that best complement your product or service.

Fake it until you make it

The last things your customers want to know about are your problems. 80% of them really don’€™t care, and the other 20% are glad the problems are happening to you and not them. If you share your problems with them, you might as well say, €œI am a business failure, please don’€™t buy from me€. So, no matter what mood you are in, no matter how your business is doing, when the customer asks how things are going everything is wonderful. It couldn’t be better.

Along with faking it,

Enthusiasm about your business, your life, your customers, and most importantly, your product or service will increase your sales guaranteed. People are so motivated by enthusiasm, they will virtually buy anything. Just look at the excitement of the salespeople on infomercials.

People love to buy but hate to be sold.

Often as salespersons, we say too much. Your ears on the other hand never get you in trouble. Listen first. Listen to your customer’s wishes, dreams, and desires. Then gently introduce them to the product that matches by saying, €Hmmm, maybe this widget over here would help you accomplish that.€ Then let them explore it and ask more questions.

Sell features not facts

Which sounds better? This car has anti-lock brakes, four-wheel drive, and dual airbags. Or this vehicle will help you stop if you have to slam on your brakes, it has the capabilities of safely transporting your family in mud, rain, and snow, and if you are in an accident it will protect both you and your husband from a fatal head injury. Features give the buyer a means to relate personally to the product. Facts on the other hand have no human element and make it harder to connect the product with why the buyer should buy it.

Don’€™t be an order taker

If you plan on hanging your shingle on your storefront or the internet, don’€™t expect people to bang down your doors. Being successful in sales is hard work. You must be in the know with the community, and you must be constantly searching and approaching new prospects. Just waiting to take orders will be a great disappointment.

If sales were easy, everyone would do it

the definition of €œsuccessful€ in the world of sales is being willing to do the things that unsuccessful people will not do. Do you have the drive, the determination, the desire? Can you constantly hear €œno from potential buyers, and not emotionalize it? Can you think outside the box in regard to your product or service? Unsuccessful people cannot.

Not all of these keys will apply to everyone

It is important, however, to tackle them one at a time. Take one key and work on incorporating it into your business for 21 days. At that point, it should take root as a newly formed habit. Then move to the next key you want to work on, and do it for 21 days. DO NOT do more than one key at a time. If you do you will end up scrapping all of it. Your business is here for the long haul, take the time to make it a success the right way.

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