How VOIP works

How VOIP works

IP telephony, also known as Internet Telephony, is what makes it possible to have over-the-internet phone conversations. A device called Internet Protocol (IP) is a data oriented protocol which is used by source and destination hosts for data communication across the internet through packet switching.

It is much cheaper than the alternative which involves a method of routing the traffic between an originator and destination into what is known as circuit switching. The Voice over IP (VoIP) does not necessarily have to travel over the internet, because there are private IP networks which exist. The protocols that are used to move the signal over the IP network are known as Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP services also has been introduced over the broadband internet access services in which subscribers receive and make calls like they would with regular phone networks.

Although VoIP is somewhat revolutionary in the world of telecommunications, there are some problems which must be addressed. For example, with the faxing machines, replay television boxes, satellite television receivers, alarm systems all depend on telephone lines for their functionality. Conventionally, modem speeds would be much slower dealing with the type of system VoIP deals with. These devices would require redesigning, and every house hold would need to be up graded into the new system. This would take much time and a lot of money.

When placing a call while using VoIP, there are three ways to do it. These three ways are services that are still in use today. They are known as ATA, IP Phones, and the p2p or person to person in which computers switch, upload or download information. A common simple way is through the usage of a device called an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor). The ATA is an analog to digital converter that takes the analog signal from the standard telephone and converting it into digital data for use of transmission over the internet.

AT&T; and Vontage are two providers for the use of VoIP over the internet. Vontage offers a no cost service charge while AT&T; offers a small charge. Rates may vary from place to place. Sometimes ATAs may ship extra software inside the boxes. The software is used to help reconfigure your computer to make it compatible with the VoIP system so that you may make calls with no problem.

The IP phones are specialized phones that look like normal phones with a light to medium light handset, cradle and buttons. They also have an RJ-45 Ethernet connection instead of the RJ-11 phone connectors. IP phones connect directly to the router and have every piece of hardware available to handle each IP call. In the world of tomorrow, telecommunication companies are striving to make communications as easy as possible. The Wife IP phones are wireless networking phones which will be available letting subscribing callers make calls from any spot.

Computer to computer is the easiest way to use VoIP. Long distance calls cost nothing. At least several companies offer free or ultra low costing software that you can use for this VoIP type. Speakers, a microphone, a soundcard, and a fast cable (T-1) or DSL modem connection is all that is needed for you to get started.

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