How to write opening a bookstore the essential planning guide

How to write opening a bookstore the essential planning guide

The importance of writing a business plan cannot be underestimated. When seeking financial assistance for a start-up or an expansion, a business plan states your case for you. Even when the money for the business is either in the bank or flowing in, the role of the business plan is to keep the business on track. Below is a sample business plan for a book store.

Summary of Business

Book Nook is a start-up bookstore scheduled to open September 1. The planned location of Book Nook will be at 245 E. Eliot Street, Alexandria Village. The Book Nook will plan to meet the needs of local and seasonal residents who are less interested in the books the publishers pay to have placed on bookstore shelves than they are in choosing books for themselves. The owner, Jeffrey Stanton, will be running the bookstore and hiring part-time help as needed.


Book Nook will use advertisements in the local newspapers and the college publications to introduce itself. In addition, owner Jeffrey Stanton has formed alliances with other local small businesses who plan to purchase advertising as a group and to offer coupons and reward programs that benefit the other shops, for example, buy three books at the Book Nook and you get a free postcard with purchase at Beads and Bobbles.

The store will increase book buyers’ awareness of its presence through writers workshops, reading clubs and local writers book signings.

The book store will offer fresh brewed coffee, sodas and juices plus baked goods at reasonable cost and will provide couches and chairs for customers to sit and read in.

Our target audience is, simply put, book lovers. Alexandria Village, home of Westland College, is surrounded by professors and students who are looking for something beyond the average. As a tourist destination, Alexandria Village is home to many stores that offer memories of trips to this historic area. Book Nook will do the same by selling books by local authors and books about the history of the area.


Book Nook has no direct competition in the market of selling classics, locally written books, bestsellers, and beautiful coffee table books. The nearest bookseller is in a mall 45 miles away and is part of a chain that does not allow local writers to have book signings at their stores. Book Nook will provide an alternative to the chain bookstores without competing directly with them. Our clientele will be tourists looking for a different bookstore experience and local college people who understand the uniqueness of small bookstores.

Financial Information

Owner Jeffrey Stanton will purchase the property and renovate it into a bookstore with $40,000 from personal savings and a $125,000 business loan. Suppliers and distributors have agreed to lines of credit (see attached letters).

Please find attached three years of tax returns of the principal Jeffrey Stanton, copies of letters of intent to supply the Book Nook and the credit extended by suppliers and distributors, copy of the property purchase agreement, estimates from three contractors for work needed on the building, and projected expenses and income for the first twelve months of business.

Also included are the tourism council’s figures on numbers of tourists and the dollars they spend in Alexandria Village on an annual basis.

Also included

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