How to write a post-interview letter

How to write a post-interview letter

Upon leaving a successful job interview, you may feel a sense of closure at having done everything possible to clinch an offer of employment. But don’t overlook the post-interview letter of thanks. This will be your last opportunity to remind the company’s interviewer of your credentials and to bring your name forward one last time as a candidate for the available position.

Use professional-looking, personalized stationery. Off-white twenty-pound bond paper with a matching envelope is your best bet. Check your computer’s printer cartridge to be sure the letter will be printed in clear, crisp text. Center the letter on the page, and use the full block or modified block style of letter format. Keep a copy for your file before mailing.

Following the salutation, begin by thanking the interviewer for an opportunity of meeting and touring the company, assuming you were able to walk through the place or were guided from office to office, meeting employees as you went along. In this section, mention one or two company strengths that impressed you, such as the factory production capacity or the staff’s communication style. This will tell the reader that you were paying attention during your visit and have noted positive things about the organization rather than focusing exclusively on your own goals for the interview.

In the next paragraph, explain why your credentials and background make you a good fit for the company. For example, mention that your copywriting experience will be helpful in enhancing the department’s marketing materials in reaching some of the readers indicated during your interview. In effect, you are using resale value to remind the interviewer that your skills will benefit the company in a specific way. Include a few adjectives like your college background or work experience if you think the reader needs to be reminded of these assets.

Then offer a vision for the future with respect to your possible job within the company. This might be something along the lines of “My newsletter experience may be helpful in developing a client e-zine that will keep your customers aware of our company’s evolving product line.” Most managers value forward-looking individuals who develop good ideas for helping the company to grow. In effect, you are taking initiative even before your hiring date!

Finally, close your letter with a positive look to the future:

“I look forward to the possibility of working with you to help Benchmark Enterprises reach an all-time sales record.”

A team mindset is very important for many administrators, so demonstrating your willingness to come on board and do your part should make a great final impression.

Mail the letter a few days after your interview, preferably within a week. Even if the interviewer decides not to hire you, the letter will close your interaction with the company on a pleasant note, and he or she may keep you in mind for future openings.

A few well-chosen words can convey a powerful final image of the person who may join the company team. So don’t forget to write!

A few well-chosen

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