How to write a good bio

A winning bio can make all the difference!

A first impression always sticks with a customer or other acquaintance. Be sure that your first impression is a good one! Whether we are a writer, journalist, or any professional in a business setting, we must have a good bio to present on web sites and other documents. A good bio allows potential employers the have an idea about your strengths and achievements.

These short one or two paragraphs can make you very real to whoever reads them. It is usually very acceptable to include a certain amount of personal info about yourself. Of course, you must keep in mind just who your audience is. A favorite quote can add a nice touch also. Whether the quote is your own or someone else’s always including this info. A definition of your profession can also be a nice addition also. You can give a Webster’s Dictionary definition of teacher or nurse, depending on your job title.

Try to include the reason that you want to be in your particular profession also. If you are a nurse, tell us why you want to be a nurse. If you are a teacher, tell us what inspired you to become one in your bio. When a potential advertiser or business associate is touched by something in your bio, you will become much more tangible to them. Be sure to reveal a few personal tidbits about who you are and just what motivates you.

When you have multiple talents listed, you also show that you are a very diverse individual. Use wit in your bio and show everyone that reads it that you can be funny and down-to-earth when you want or need to be. By showing a breadth of your interests, you will enable the reader to see different aspects of your personality. If you do this, people will be able to really understand your abilities and motivations.

If you are honest in writing your bio, people will be able to sense it too. Readers are very observant creatures that can smell weakness or read into it even with the subtlest hints. This is true of any author, but this is especially true for one that writes a bio.

Start your bio with first-person references and midway through change to the third person. Referring to yourself with your full name is acceptable or uses of the pronouns him and she is also acceptable. By using a delicate combination of first-person and third-person tenses, you can give a professional element to your resume or bio. By including a bit of wit and through illuminating your personal experiences, you can sell yourself through your bio. If told in a professional manner, you can reach out and touch whoever reads your bio.

The first line or two of your bio should include your name, profession, and marital status if you wish. Subsequent lines can include other jobs or interests, published works, awards that you have received, quotes, beliefs about your chosen profession, jokes about your chosen profession, inspiring comments, and other personal items that make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is an example of a bio utilizing all of the aspects covered here:

I am John Smith, both a loving husband and educator for over 25 years. I decided to become an educator so that I could inspire children to learn, just as my teachers fostered my love of knowledge. My favorite quote is “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” -Tennyson

John Smith received the Teaching Award for Excellence from the Bower Institute for Higher Learning. He is proudest of this award because his students bestowed it upon him. The students must take it upon themselves to write an essay and nominate their favorite teacher. Of all of his thirty different awards, this one is kept in a very special place- his heart.

By using these smart strategies and creative ideas, you now have the tools to write an inspiring and effective bio for almost any need. Your professional bio will sell your strengths and benefits to future employers and other business groups, and it will also make you shine in their eyes.

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