How to write a cleaning service business plan

How to write a cleaning service business plan

The importance of writing a business plan cannot be underestimated. When seeking financial assistance for a start-up or an expansion, a business plan states your case for you. Even when the money for the business is either in the bank or flowing in, the role of the business plan is to keep the business on track. Below is a sample business plan for a cleaning service.

Summary of Business

Jean’s Rags Unlimited Cleaning Service is meeting the home cleaning needs of working singles and couples. Jean Bartlett is the owner and Jean’s Rags currently has two employees. All staff members of Jean’s Rags are local residents and have been involved with many volunteer organizations. Our list of references is long and impressive, and includes many of our volunteer efforts cleaning, painting and wallpapering for two local churches, the volunteer center and the children’s clinic. Jean’s Rags is prepared to hire new staff as needed; all staff is bonded.


Our specialty is doing the work of a housekeeper in one half day per week or as scheduled by the client. As more families move to both parents working full time, they look for ways to ease their burden at home and free up time to spend with their children. Jean’s Rags Unlimited Cleaning will meet those needs in the following ways: specialized spring and fall cleaning services, weekly house cleaning, freelance housekeeping service (laundry, ironing, washing windows, and house cleaning), personal chef service. Jean’s Rags Unlimited Cleaning Service has contracted with a local cooking instructor to provide personal chef services for families who wish to eat at home and avoid fast food habits.

Besides the largest demographic of professional couples, Jean’s Rags will target three other groups with their marketing campaign: work from home mothers, elderly and small businesses. Work from home mothers (and fathers) will find relief when we come in as a three person team for two hours to scrub the house from top to bottom. The elderly will find the help we can provide catching the cobwebs and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen. Small businesses need Jean’s Rags trustworthy and confidential cleaning or spring cleaning service.


There are only two other cleaning services within 45 miles of Jean’s Rags and several individuals who have established clientele. Jean’s Rags will be promoting the fact that as a team we are in and out of the home quickly so as not to disturb residents when they are home, an annual or semi-annual deep cleaning service for which we will hire on extra staff, and our guarantee to show up when and where we are scheduled –

if someone is sick, there will be back-up staff to fill in. We bring our own supplies and professional cleaning equipment. We work weekends and holidays, and the expansion into providing access to a personal chef on a regular basis, once in a while, or one time will help raise Jean’s Rags to a more profitable level as we meet more than one need of our clients.

Financial Information

Jean’s Rags is currently billing $75,000 quarterly during its first year in operation, and has expenses of $75,000 quarterly. Start up expenses of $24,000 including supplies, equipment, business license, accountant’s fees, and insurance were paid for with a personal loan. Future expansion costs need a business loan. Future costs include advertising, hiring additional staff members, purchasing additional cleaning equipment and supplies and building an addition to my home that will be used exclusively for the running of Jean’s Rags an for storage of its supplies.

Discussions with current clients have netted new cleaning clients and promoting Jean’s Rags through publicity on our donation of services to the children’s clinic, and to several charity auctions, radio advertising and newspaper ads will increase our client base a projected 50 percent. Based on those figures hiring two full-time or four part-time staff members will be necessary which will increase our insurance and bonding costs.

At this time, Jean’s Rags is looking into purchasing two vans for transportation of staff and supplies to work sites. The arrangement with the personal chef is that Jean’s Rags will promote the personal chef business and will receive 10% of the first three months receipts from any new referrals which means additional income for no financial investment.

Please find attached tax returns of the years, and copies of the financial records of Jean’s Rag’s since its opening; copies of all licenses and insurance policies, list of supplies and equipment, an estimate of construction of the new business facility, and a list of current clients who have agreed to be referenced.

Please find attached

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