How to wire a doorbell

How to wire a doorbell

If your dog is sleeping through the doorbell, and so are you,

why not consider installing a new one? I know, all the wiring and everything is scary but, if you are just replacing your old one, it really isn’t– and in about a half-day you could be jumping off the couch to the tune of a good loud “ding dong” (or any other tune you might want to select!)

To do this project you will need lots of high-tech tools and stuff. NOT! You will of course need the new doorbell button and the new chime unit. You will also need a screwdriver and some masking tape. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it?

First, make sure that the power to your existing doorbell is turned off at your main service box. Carefully take the doorbell mounting screws out and pull the button switch away from the wall. Next, disconnect the wires from the old button switch. To ensure that the wires won’t slip back into the wall cavity, tape them to the wall. Hook the wires up to the screw terminals on the new switch.

Next, head on over to the old chime unit and take off the cover plate. Find the screws that secure the unit to the wall, unscrew them, and remove the old unit. First, pay attention to how you remove the wires and mark them to identify their screw-terminal location. Tape these wires to the wall also to keep them from slipping into the wall cavity. Carefully thread the wires through the base of the new chime unit.

Mount the new chime unit on the wall using the screw they provide with the unit. If they don’t line up the same as the old ones, you may want to mark the holes with a pencil onto the wall and drill little holes to accept the screws. Connect the properly labeled wires to the correct terminals, attach the new cover plate and turn the electric back on!

But what if you are one of the unfortunate ones who doesn’t have an existing doorbell? Or you have just moved into an apartment and your doorbell isn’t working and you surely don’t want to spend money replacing it! There is a very easy solution to be found in a wireless doorbell. The bell can be either battery operated, or the chime may be plugged into an electrical outlet. The price for one of these units can range from $20.00 to about $70.00, with a range up to 300 feet, and can be installed in about 10 minutes! When you move you can just unplug it and take your doorbell with you!

Wireless door bells (or chimes) offer a range of versatility in the music they can play when someone presses the button. Some selections that your battery operated doorbell may offer are: DingDong, Westminster Chimes, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Hail, Hail The Gang’s All Here, and My Country Tis of Thee. You can also install wireless chimes that are activated by motion instead of using the doorbell button.

If you can’t find a wireless doorbell at the hardware store, just check on the computer under “wireless doorbells,” and purchase one online.

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