How to whiten your teeth

whiten your teeth

The main feature of a charming smile and a successful person in the eyes of many people, white teeth. But unfortunately, it is not so easy to achieve a similar effect. Someone can’t quit smoking although nicotine teeth become yellow, someone drinks coffee too, which paints them too, and someone who likes candy bars and gets darkened enamel again.

We watch with envy on the TV screen stars who flaunt even more than adult white smiles, which do not happen in nature. Of course, to have such brilliant white and even teeth, you have to spend a fair amount of money, as much as any questions to ask than to whiten your teeth at home, not exactly get such an effect, and immediately wondered if this person teeth relatives or can be replaced by all the jaw is so popular now implants?

However, if the person is still young, is not a smoker, with years of experience, and teeth very healthy, I just wanted to make them a few shades lighter (at least for some important event), you can give some very simple tips then can whiten his teeth at home.

How can you whiten your teeth with baking soda?

Nothing too complicated, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of toothbrush toothpaste and sprinkle the top with soda, then thoroughly but gently brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Use a soft drink, hard Scorch it on the tooth enamel, it is not so safe.

We must remember that it is still a very aggressive method and if you notice the effect of its use, then keep in mind that such cleaning doesn’t necessarily do it more than once a week otherwise it can do harm as well as soda – aggressive and erodes the gums, and tooth enamel will wear away faster.

Whitening embodiments

Removing this ugly problem is very real, and man has set a goal to make a snow-white smile, you have two options: to the dental clinic or to make it at home. 

Teeth whitening in the doctor’s office is fraught with consequences: novice or a seasoned expert, but dishonest, can damage the enamel so that with the help of strong means it will be difficult to eat hot or cold dishes, as it will hurt caused. 

To make white smile, do not necessarily take such a risk, because before your eyes this article, in which we tell you how to whiten teeth at home without harm. Here we will talk about two of the most effective and readily available resources!

Black aid to the coal industry

How can you whiten your teeth at home with an inexpensive but effective remedy? It seems that the idea of ​​a series of fantasies… When we eat chocolate, coffee, or strong tea, enamel darkens significantly. 

One shudders to think what would happen if scattered teeth … black activated charcoal! And now leaves very surprised, but if you do, they, contrary to expectations, will become whiter 1.5-2 tone in the first time! This method is loved by our grandmothers, but it uses ash instead of coal.

So, at home to whiten your teeth? To do this, you need to buy in the drugstore the usual black plate-activated carbon. It should not be a sorbent or a white version of the drug.

Before how to brush your teeth, take 1-2 tablets of black coal, lightly wet them under running water so that they can easily crumble in the oral cavity. Then put them on the front teeth, and start massaging them with a toothbrush. 

Clean coal needed, like the usual pasta for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse your mouth and start another cleaning, using tooth powder or other similar means. So do 2 times a day for an unlimited amount of time because it is the completely harmless way. 

After several treatments for 2-3, white enamel becomes tone. So we know the first way to whiten your teeth at home. We now proceed to describe a second, no less effective and affordable, technique to achieve a beautiful smile.

Whiten teeth at home by means of hydrogen peroxide

How Can Tired Sense Blondes: There’s Nothing A Woman Doesn’t Have To Paint Like Hydrogen Peroxide! It seems to be too sarcastic to take it to the truth. And yet, in this joke only a fraction of a joke, because with the help of peroxide hydrogen are not only white hair color but also white teeth.

At first, it sounds crazy, because hydrogen peroxide – a medicine, healing and disinfecting wounds. One shudders at the thought of what will happen to your teeth when they spread this “chemistry”! Yet hydrogen peroxide actually bleaches enamel just like everything else. 

About whitening hydrogen peroxide ratings, mostly positive. Having tried to imagine this method, we can conclude that hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth slightly smaller than activated carbon. It must be due to the concentration of the drug of interest, which in my case was 3%, and so, in order to achieve more effect, it must be increased.

Interesting fact: This colorless liquid – base of bleaching agents in the dental office. The addition of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture that is supplied to dentists for teeth whitening added humectants, and sometimes reduce an instrument in a high concentration of staves of enamel.

Teeth whitening peroxide technique

If you want to whiten your teeth with this medication, you can use a mouthguard, and if it doesn’t, then conventional cotton swabs. Silicon dental pad lubricated with peroxide, then doing an enamel. Leave for a few minutes and rinse your mouth with water. 

It is important that you do not swallow peroxide. If the tray is not present, use a cotton swab with a “bleach” wipe on each tooth, and after waiting a little time (2-3 minutes), rinse with water. Well, if the hand is moisturizing a gel glaze, then apply it after the procedure.

If maloprotsentny peroxide solution, then the procedure can be done on a daily basis. The course of this practice – 7 days, repeat if necessary after a month. It should be remembered that in teeth whitening it is very important to maintain their health in the first place.

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