How to whiten teeth at home

How to whiten teeth at home

What are the reasons for whitening your teeth?

Whether by whitening methods or actually getting your teeth clean enough again to be a very bright white, whitening of your teeth can make your whole appearance more attractive and show your pride and self-respect.

Here are several whitening treatments you can try at home.

First, brushing your teeth with baking soda.

Get Arm & Hammer or another baking soda brand in a small box especially for use in brushing your teeth. Get your own personal box of baking soda; as you will see, this will help prevent waste and keep you from spreading germs as well. To use the baking soda in brushing, first clean your toothbrush thoroughly. Now, shake your toothbrush fairly dry.

Next, dip the toothbrush in the baking soda so it is completely covered in the white powder. Now brush your teeth thoroughly, scrubbing all sides. It is not really harmful to brush until there is some slight and occasional bleeding of the gums or from between the teeth. This practice after each and every meal can whiten teeth remarkably in two months. You should then continue this habit throughout your life.

Or, try brushing with hydrogen peroxide.

You can try brushing with hydrogen peroxide. I would recommend you not swallow any. Put a small puddle of peroxide into a Dixie cup. Cover the brush in peroxide by dipping the brush as you tilt the cup. Now brush thoroughly as with the baking soda. This type of brushing can be done once a day. Spit any fluids; don’t swallow at any time while brushing with hydrogen peroxide. Check with the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer for degrees of warning for this use.

Though brushing with hydrogen peroxide is in common use, you should be well informed of any concerns there may be given the amount of peroxide that might be used and therefore that there would be any risk of swallowing. Rinse completely after brushing with water and then a good mouthwash. This habit will help whiten teeth in a period of two to three months or more if kept in a daily regimen.

Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for a double tough whitening formula.

A few drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a heaped teaspoon full of baking soda will make a paste adequate to control the further yellowing of teeth and bring back their youthful and lustrous white in just a few months time. Brush thoroughly with this paste after mixing on a tissue or in a Dixie cup. Rinse thoroughly after with water or a good mouthwash such as Listerine.

Here are some diet recommendations for proper maintenance of tooth whiteness:

Eat more fruits, especially apples, to clean teeth naturally.
Stay away from sweets and sugars to keep teeth from decay.
Drink tap water to get a good source of fluorides in your diet.
Quit smoking and drinking to keep teeth strong and free from yellowing.
Drink plenty of water to naturally rinse the mouth throughout the day.
Milk is for strong teeth, too.

Take a good multiple vitamins such as the time-released brands found at GNC to keep teeth well nurtured from within.

General mouth hygiene is a great defense. Brush and floss after every meal.

Whether using a combination toothpaste or one of the recommended substitutes above, you should brush and floss thoroughly in the following manner after every meal each and every day.

Floss first to loosen food debris lodged between teeth. Brush the front and sides of teeth, bottom, and top, outside first. Brush them side to side, then up and down, then repeat. Brush the inside surface of all teeth in the same manner as much as mechanics here will allow.

Brush the bottoms and tops of upper and lower teeth as well, that being the actual biting and chewing surfaces. Now rinse and, if needed, floss again to make certain you haven’t jammed something back between teeth. Check the job thoroughly with a mirror and a smile.

Brush the bottoms

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