How to wear thigh-highs with garters

How to wear thigh-highs with garters

Why Wear Thigh-Highs with Garters?

Very few women really enjoy wearing pantyhose. While they do flatter the legs and help to hold in our tummies, pantyhose are not very comfortable. Furthermore, getting in and out of them can be a struggle.

For these reasons, more and more women are tossing aside their pantyhose in favor of thigh-high stockings worn with garters.

A wide variety of garters and thigh-highs are available today in the lingerie departments of most stores. Below is an overview of the various types and how to wear them.

Garter Types

There are two common types of garters on the market today: elastic band garters and suspenders.

The elastic band garters are stretchy bands, often decorated, that are worn around the thighs to hold up the stockings. (Think of the type of garter traditionally worn by American brides and tossed by the groom at the wedding reception.) While these are the easiest type of garter to use, some women find them uncomfortable, particularly if they fit too tightly.

Suspender-type garters are not only more comfortable than elastic band garters, but they come with fasteners, which are usually better at holding up your stockings. The fasteners are very easy to use, and typically consist of a plastic or rubber button that slides into place to lock the stocking top in a plastic or metal clasp. Less common are garters with a claw-style clasp that can be opened by squeezing or other mechanical means.

Suspender-type garters come attached to a wide variety of lingerie styles. The simplest is the garter belt, which is worn around the waist or hips, with the garter straps (typically four) hanging down onto the thighs. If you want tummy control, you can find garters attached to girdles or panty girdles. If you are feeling sexy or romantic, you might want to seek out teddies, frilly corsets, or other types of lingerie with garters attached.

Different women prefer different kinds of garters. Some women find metal clasps uncomfortable or irritating to the skin, and so they look for garters with plastic clamps instead. Others prefer the look and feel of the metal clasps.

Some women collect a variety of garter styles for different occasions – elastic bands for the daytime, pretty garter belts and corsets for romantic occasions, and so on.

Shop around, experiment, and see which styles best fit your body type, your personality, and your budget.

Thigh-High Stocking Types

There are two common categories of thigh-high stockings on the market today: traditional thigh-highs and thigh-highs with a built-in elasticized band around the top. The built-in elasticized band can keep your stockings in place without the need for garters. However, some women find the elastic uncomfortable.

With traditional thigh-highs, you will need garters to keep the stockings from falling down. With the type featuring the built-in elasticized band, garters can provide additional support.

As with pantyhose, it may take some trial and error to find the style, brand, size, and color(s) that best suit your style and tastes. Have fun experimenting with different kinds of thigh-highs, and try a variety of colors. They can provide an inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe.

Why Thigh-Highs are More Economical

Not only are thigh-high stockings more comfortable and more glamorous than pantyhose, but they tend to be more economical as well. With pantyhose, if you get a runner in one leg, the whole pair is ruined. With individual thigh-highs, on the other hand, a runner only means that you need to replace one half of the pair.

So always keep a few extra packs of each of your favorites styles on hand so you’ll have replacements available when you need a single new thigh-high to replace a damaged one.

Now throw away your pantyhose and step into the comfort and ease of thigh-highs with garters. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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