How to wear bold jewelry

How to wear bold jewelry

Wearing and pulling off big and bold babbles doesn’t have to be a faux pas if it’s done in the right way. These large pieces can be a great fashion statement and a true conversation starter. Learn how to wear bold jewelry, what to wear it with, and what not to do.

Wearing large stones or big babbles takes one thing: confidence. And, it truly means you are extremely comfortable with drawing attention to yourself. So, confidence is key to pulling off this look. Following the next three rules can be crucial to making this look work for you.

Rule # 1: The bigger a stone looks, the more fake it can look. If you can’t afford real, then try to make sure the settings are real, such as white gold, gold or platinum. This will make the rest of the jewelry appear real and will not break the bank, which can be the most important aspect of it.

Rule # 2: Keeping large pieces of jewelry looking great and not tacky just takes a little know-how. Remember; keep it as simple as possible. If you’re wearing an oversized necklace, say large pearls, for instance, keep the rest of your jewelry more delicate. And, for that matter, keep your outfit more subdued. Wearing all black would look great if you add a large coral necklace or an oversized black pearl long necklace. The possibilities are endless with this.

Rule # 3: Be easy on the prints when wearing large pieces of jewelry. You are already drawing lots of attention to that and you don’t want your outfit to be too loud, by combining loud prints and massive jewelry (which will attract unwanted attention to yourself). Bold jewelry looks great when it is displayed as the centerpiece and the attention grabber. White, beige, black or solid colors would create a fabulous backdrop for your jewelry.

What Not to Do

Don’t wear a bunch of large pieces at once (i.e. a bold necklace, bracelet, earrings). It’s too much all at once.

Don’t just go for new. Go for vintage. Some of the best bold jewelry pieces can be found for cheap at vintage or thrift stores. Aged pieces tend to have lots of character and pizzazz and can say a lot about your personality. Not to mention, it’s much easier on your pocketbook.

Don’t be afraid of color. This can be the most fun, whether you choose a stone or a beaded necklace with a splash of red or green. It doesn’t matter if the stones are real or faux; the larger size will make your piece unique. And, the color will grab the attention of people from far away. If the piece of jewelry has a little sparkle, even better. This will glitz up any outfit and prepare it for a night out on the town.

Whatever you decide, bold jewelry must fit your bold personality. If you’re not already outgoing, these pieces could make you more so. Just be sure to find a piece of jewelry that you are comfortable with.


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