How to wear animal print outfit

How to wear animal print outfit

Animal print can be a fashion disaster or pleasantly pleasing, depending on how you wear it. Even though it seems as if animal print comes in and out of style every couple of years, it’s always in and always highly glamorous. Find out how to wear it right, and what to wear it with, weather you’re a classic kind of girl or into punk fashion.

Don’t overdo it

These call-of-the-wild prints can create attention anywhere you go. So going overboard won’t make you more fashionable. Remember, less can be more, in many cases including sexy animal prints.

What’s your style?

Cheetah and leopard prints are oh-so-popular and very classic animal prints. They truly stand the test of time. But, don’t underestimate the power of prints like zebra, which are also seen on clothing, accessories, and even furniture and rugs.

When choosing how to wear animal print, regardless which one you choose, just remember to keep the look true to yourself. If you’re classic, try a beautiful leopard print coat with a beautiful black dress underneath. Keep it simple with the rest of your accessories because you don’t want to overpower the rest of the look. Red lips would be incredibly sexy with this.

If you’re looking for a more punk-esque look, try pairing your animal print with bright colors such as hot pink or lime green. For animal printed tops or pants, make sure you do either your top or bottom in a solid color, preferably black or beige, depending on which part of the body you plan to make more than-if.

If you’re kind of shy about letting your wild side out, try subtle animal print such as the lining of a handbag or jacket. Shoes are another great idea if you don’t want to be too much. However, when doing an animal print shoe, be sure to make the rest of your outfit simple. This will satisfy your inner feline, while not making you appear wilder than you actually are.

When to buy it

Every couple of years, fashion editors at major magazines worldwide deem animal print as the next hot thing when in actuality it’s a style staple that is here to stay. This is a good thing for you; when designers make it, snatch it up because you know that it will be “in” for years to come.

Designers like Roberto Cavalli, Betsey Johnson, and even Prada have been lovers of animal print in many of their collections throughout the years. You can even find animal print clothing, accessories, bedding, luggage, and anything else (for that matter) at discount outlet stores, such as Marshall’s.

Real Vs. Faux

Fake really is the new real and many designers are taking note and making the fake animal print look just as real as ever. And, you will feel better than ever knowing that you’re saving an animal.

Animal print can really look great on anyone. The way you wear it can be as unique as you want it to be, as glamorous as you can imagine or it can be as sassy as you are. It just depends on what you put with it and how you wear it. So go ahead, find your inner feline with animal prints.

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