How to wear a women’s tuxedo jacket casually

How to wear a women's tuxedo jacket casually

While it may at first seem odd, tuxedos worn by women can actually be a fun and cutting-edge look for a variety of occasions.

Tuxedos are normally associated with menswear for black tie and formal events. However, as top fashion designers know, you don’t have to be a man to look absolutely great in a well-cut, properly-fitted tux. From proms to award ceremonies to weddings to charity balls, today’s fashion-conscious ladies know that choosing this exciting look means that they will stand out from the crowd at any gathering.

The secret to successfully wearing a tuxedo is the same for women as it is for men: fit is the key! Whether you decide to alter a tux that was originally designed for a man, or select one meant to be worn by a woman, the most important concern is that it fits properly. An ill-fitting tux will not look right on anyone. Take the time to be measured professionally, and once you’ve chosen your tuxedo, have any necessary alterations made to be sure that it fits perfectly.

There are many different styles and types of tuxes to choose from. Have fun picking the one that looks best on you. Be daring in a full dress tuxedo with tails, or sport a cutaway look for a daytime event. Jackets can be single or double-breasted. Lapels come in varying styles as well, including the triangle-shaped notch lapel, the rounded shawl collar lapel, and the V-shaped peak with its upward point.

Trousers come in the traditional style, with a satin stripe down the outside of each leg. Pinstriped trousers also look good with a cutaway jacket. For shirts, the wingtip is a popular selection. This type of shirt features a stand-up collar with two downward points. Other choices include the pointless Mandarin stand-up collar, the down collar (familiar from standard dress shirts), and the stylish crosswalk collar, featuring a cross in the front which fastens with a button cover.

For cuffs, you’ll need to decide between the folded-over French style or the convertible style, with no fold. Your vest can be open in the back, displaying your shirt, or you can choose a full-backed vest. A stylish cummerbund will accent your look.

When you’re ready to look at neckwear, be creative! There are so many different kinds to choose from, from the classic bowtie to the squared Euro tie. Try an ascot or even a bolo tie, for a Western feel. Whichever you choose, you’ll be expressing your own personal style. You can also complement your outfit with accessories like a pocket square, a fancy button cover for your collar, or special cuff-links.

When the time comes, wear your tuxedo with pride and flair. As Hollywood glamour queens like Marlene Dietrich have always known, wearing traditionally male attire really brings out your feminine side, and it is a great way to showcase your beauty and grace.

After your special event is over, you can even incorporate your tuxedo shirt and jacket into other, less formal looks. Try pairing them with jeans for a funky night out, or wear your shirt untucked over a short black skirt and tights. You’ll be surprised at how many different styles you can create.

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