How to wear a leather skirt

How to wear a leather skirt

A leather skirt is an amazing way to turn heads and get noticed. It can turn a woman into a fox, and it can turn a teenage girl into a woman. It’s one piece of clothing that can look cold and hard in a closet, but warm and sexy when it’s worn by the right kind of woman.

Not everyone can wear a leather skirt. Here’s a fashion tip for you: a leather skirt looks best on a tall, slender, curvy body. But, nonetheless, if you want to wear one, you have to know-how.

This type of skirt comes in a few different styles. The basic style is a plain leather skirt that is pulled on from over your head. The next style has a long zipper than zips up the front of the garment. This leather skirt is rather risque looking because the zipper can be stopped anywhere in its track. That means, you can leave an opening in the front of this skirt as long or as short as you want it to be.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in sexy, follow this tip: there are also styles of leather skirts that are known as, “Breakaways”. These garments have several snaps up the front. These snaps – yes, you guessed it!- hold the skirt together in the front.

Leather skirts also come in different lengths. They range from micro to mini to just above the knee to below the knee.

Here’s another fashion tip for you: the micro and mini lengths look best when they are worn with a tight sweater. The leather skirt accents the lower curves of the female body, while a sweater can show off the upper curves.

Usually, a leather skirt is more for casual wear. But, a skirt that hangs just below your knee can look professional and appropriate at the office; as long as it’s not skin tight. It can actually be worn to the office, as long as you wear an appropriate sweater or another top with it. In the colder weather, a pair of leather boots would bring the entire outfit together. Boots would make the leather skirt look like the two go together.

Another accessory that would make this type of skirt look more suitable for work would be a pair of sheer or tan-colored panty hose. The black hose should only be worn if you’re going for a sexy look.

Here’s a tip for you: never, ever wear a short leather skirt to work, even if it’s loose. Unless your occupation allows it, of course. The same rule applies to leather pants.

If you’re in the market for a leather skirt, they usually can be found in a brown or black color. Most leathers can only be dry cleaned, so keep in mind that you’ll have to have it cleaned by a professional as opposed to just tossing it into your washing machine.

Keep in mind too, when you go shopping for a leather skirt, that leather garments tend to run small. Therefore, if you normally wear a size six, you’ll need to look for a size eight skirt.

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