How to wear a bra with off-the-shoulder dresses

How to wear a bra with off-the-shoulder dresses

It seems like a no-brainer to say, wear a strapless bra with an off-the-shoulder dress, but with so many different bras out there, you can get confused fast. The good thing is, you have options ranging from stick-on bras that only cover the front part of your upper torso to convertible bras that, on any other day, have straps when you need them.

If you insist on wearing a bra that has straps with your off-the-shoulder attire, there’s a solution for that as well, although your look won’t seem as put-together as some of your strapless sisters.

First, we’ll start with the most basic, most common type of bra solution to an off-the-shoulder dress: the strapless. This one is a classic. They come in a variety of colors, and some come with removable or convertible straps. Some come with none.

Some have padding, but most have underwire for support. There are just about as many style options with strapless bras as with any other bra with straps. You can have your lace style, your seamless style, push-up pads – anything you might expect from an everyday bra.

Since the wrong strapless bra has the tendency to fall down, flatten you out, or give you the uni-boob look, make sure you try the bra on, walk around the confines of your dressing room, bounce a little, and do whatever you need to do to make sure that baby’s going to stay put.

If possible, take your dress with you so you can try it on over the bra to see how they work together. Stretch your arms out as if reaching for something on a dinner table. Your bra should be flexible and move with you, not stay where it was in space while your torso moves up and over.

A less exciting way to wear a bra with your off-the-shoulder dress is to buy one with clear straps, or just buy clear straps to put on a bra you have at home. This one only works well if your off-the-shoulder dress isn’t too far off the shoulder.

If it scoops up to barely skim the top edges of your shoulders, you may be able to sneak in those clear straps. Use your judgment and good taste on that one. Again, take the dress with you to the dressing room to make sure those clear straps aren’t exposed to enough light to give off a reflection and leave you, well, exposed.

If you’re afraid you’ll be in public with your strapless bra around your belly due to missing straps (it happens to the best of us in the worst situations) and that’s the only reason you’re opting for the clear strap route, please check into a bustier first! Bustiers won’t fall down, come in seamless styles, and can even make you look thinner since they cover from the waist up to the breasts!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re feeling risque or if your dress just happens to be low-cut in the back, you can try an adhesive bra. Adhesive bras range in coverage from backless only, to stick-on cups, to floral-shaped adhesives that only cover the necessities.

Smaller-chested women will probably feel more comfortable in these selections than their more voluptuous friends will since the adhesives offer progressively less support. C-cups and larger usually prefer a bustier or a traditional strapless bra.

Whatever you do, make sure you try on your selection and wear it around the house even after you make your purchase. Live in the bra to make sure you’ll be able to have fun when it’s time to wear that off-the-shoulder dress.

You want to be thinking about what you’re doing, not what you’re wearing under your clothes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and brands. A style in one name brand that won’t work may be your perfect solution in another brand.

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