How to wash the baby carrier

How to wash the baby carrier

A baby carrier can get lost in the shuffle of a parent’s cleaning duties. After all, it provides more of a transitional service in getting a child from car to home or from crib to playpen. But a carrier is an important item that should not be overlooked in the process of caring for your infant’s belongings.

When you are ready to clean this item, place your child in a secure place. Set the carrier on the kitchen or bathroom counter, a table, or the floor, preferably on newspaper or a clean towel. Prepare a bucket of hot water and mild detergent that is suitable for cleaning baby items. Also have on hand a towel to wipe it dry afterwards and possibly a second bucket of clean hot water for rinsing off excess soap.

Start by removing all padding, toys, attachments, and belt or locking mechanism, if detachable. Be careful not to lose small pieces that may become loose or fall off. Not only do you not want to replace them, but your child may find them later and choke by placing them in his or her mouth.

When you have the bare structure exposed, slip into hand gloves and wet the scrub cloth with soapy water, wringing out the excess moisture. Wipe the entire carrier structure, beginning at the top and working your way in small, circular strokes down its length and underneath. Don’t overlook the “legs” or stand on which it holds the baby in a propped position. Get into the small, open places where dirt and germs can hide.

Rinse your cloth in clear water and wipe the entire structure again to remove the soapy residue. You may need to repeat this action to get rid of all excess detergent. Pat the carrier dry or allow it to set for an hour or so to air dry. Don’t let the family pets curl up in it, since your little one may develop an allergy to pet fur or dander.

Next, turn your attention to the attachments. Wash each piece in turn, taking care to wipe all sides and folds. Rinse with clear water. If they can be laundered in the washer, run them through a hot water cycle to kill germs. But check laundering directions first, and place in the dryer on the designated setting unless advised not to by the laundering guidelines.

Check the belt to be sure it is not cracked or torn, and that it still fastens properly to keep the baby safe while secured. Let these pieces dry also before assembling them, or the metal parts may eventually begin to rust. When everything is completely dry, put the ensemble together, checking to be sure each piece is in its rightful place. If the padding is torn or leaking the padding inside, buy a replacement so your child won’t choke on a handful of fluff.

Clean up the area by dumping wash and rinse water, wringing out the scrub cloths and hanging them somewhere to dry where they can’t drip and damage something. Place the carrier in its usual location, clean and ready for the next use.

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