How to use your egg cups

How to use your egg cups

The only place you will find an egg cup in the United States today is in an antique store. Egg cups are a utensil tied closely to European culture. In the 18th century in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy egg cups were used by wealthy families for elegant eating. The cups were typically made of silver or gold and often had the family’s coat of armor engraved on it.

During the early to mid-19th century egg cups were widely used as good china in middle-class families and towards the end of the century, these utensils were extremely common in all European houses. Today you can find egg cups all over Europe. An egg cup is the European hotel’s answer to the American hotel’s continental breakfast. Egg cups are given to customers as part of a complimentary breakfast. Along with the cups come soft-boiled eggs for the customer’s enjoyment.

Most Europeans know what to do when they see an egg cup, but for those unfamiliar with this Euro-breakfast treat, here is how to use it. First, put the eggs in a pan and cover them with water. Lightly salt the water and bring it to a boil. Cover the pan and remove it from heat once the boiling point has been reached. Leave the eggs in the water for two to four minutes depending on the hardness you desire.

When the eggs have reached the desired hardness pour cold water on the eggs to stop the cooking process. The eggs should be soft and mildly warm when this procedure is complete. To open the egg you will need the assistance of the stable egg cup. Place the large end of the egg into the cup. Holding the egg and the cup, on one hand, smack the egg near the upper end with a knife to break the shell.

Work the knife into the crack and then, using your thumb and finger on the opposite side of the egg, roll the top off as the knife comes close to your thumb. The motion is much like slicing a pear or apple with the use of one hand. Properly using the egg cups takes some practice and everyone has a different technique. Regardless of the manner in which you cut the egg the top of the shell should be completely removed.

Once you have removed the top you are almost ready to dine. It is a good idea to examine the lid of the opening in case there are any loose shells before you begin eating. Once you’ve cleared the way you may use the specially designed spoon to scoop the soft and delicious egg out of its shell. The proper technique for eating an egg out of an egg cup is first consuming the top section to channel a path wide enough for the spoon to go all the way inside the egg without pushing the liquid yoke up and out.

The egg cup will keep the egg sturdy and upright as you enjoy your morning treat. After you are done with your egg simply dispose of the shell, rinse the cup, and spoon, and you’ll be ready for round two!

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