How to use hot rollers on short hair

How to use hot rollers on short hair

Are you tired of the same look?

Do you want to try something new with your hair? Why don’t you try using hot curlers? They are a fun and easy way for a new look. There are so many different kinds of hot curlers to choose from for different looks. With this “how-to” you can be the belle of the ball with your “new do”!

First, you need to purchase a set of hot curlers. Most department stores will have them (K-mart, Wall-mart, and Target). The price will vary anywhere from $15.00-$40.00 depending on what kind you buy. There are many different types of hot curlers you can use. Let’s talk about a few of them for the look you want.

Standard Hot Curlers:

These come in a variety of sizes from jumbo rollers to extra small. You can get a set that has all sizes or buy a set with one specific size. Based on the length of hair you have and the look you want will determine what set you purchase. They are almost always coated with Teflon (which helps prevent product build-up) and wrapped in velvet so they won’t get caught up in your hair as you are rolling and unrolling them.

Hot Bendable Twisters:

These are great if you have long hair and want a loose and soft look. If your hair is short-to-medium, bendable twisters are fun for a wild and messy look. They are also soft so you can sleep in them if you want for that extra hold.

Spiral Hot Rollers:

These are also great for women with long hair that don’t want to get a perm but like the look of long ringlets. Twist them around your hair longwise and get the curly look any time you want without paying a fortune for a perm.

Hot Jelly Rollers:

These are similar to the Hot Bendable Twisters but they have different sizes for different lengths of hair. They also bend any way you want them to.

Body Wave Hot Rollers:

These rollers are also like getting a temporary perm. They come in medium to jumbo size and are a great look for soft flowing curls. They look like a perm rod and have a cool touch end cap that holds the roller in place.

Hot Sticks:

These rollers have a fast 2-minute heat up for those of you that are on the go. They can be rolled any way you like and come in various sizes for the look you are trying to achieve. Now that you have an idea of the many different kinds of hot curlers that are on the market lets talk about various ways you can use them to achieve the look you want.

One of the great things about hot curlers is that you can have a different look every day. You can make your hair look longer by rolling it longways. You can make your hair look fuller by rolling with various size curlers. If you like a curly look use smaller curlers, spiral, or bendable hot curlers.

A loose wavy look can be achieved by using bendable or large rollers. Using various sized curlers you can roll them up or down for a flipped up or curled under look. The choice is yours. No perm required for these looks! What a money and time saver. Let’s go over a few steps on how to use your new hot curlers.

Step 1: Always make sure your hair is completely dry before putting hot rollers in. (hot curlers work much better when the hair is dry). You can apply a small amount of hairspray to get the hair to stay firmly in place while rolling your hair.

Step 2. The section you hair off using clips or clamps. (this makes it easier to place the rollers in your hair). Make small sub-sections for each curler as you start to roll.

Step 3. Make sure when you begin to wrap your hair that you start at the end of your hair shaft. (this avoids fish-hooks with your finished style).

Step 4. Begin to roll any way you like making sure you don’t use too much hair in each section. Using too much hair could get it tangled up in the curler and it could also affect your finished look. (the hair will not heat evenly). Most hot curlers have cool touch ends so do not worry about getting burned. However, use caution when placing curlers around your face and forehead. They are still very hot in the center and can burn your skin if placed in a sensitive area. (TIP: Use a piece of cotton underneath of the curler in sensitive areas).

Step 5. Make sure you secure your curlers with the clamps provided. This will make sure your curlers will not fall out.

Step 6. You can use a small amount of hairspray if you wish after your hair is set. (using too much spray will make your hair stick to the roller)

Step 7. Leave your curlers in as long as you want. If time is of the essence hot curlers usually take about 20 minutes to thoroughly heat the hair and approximately 5 minutes to cool down.

Step 8. When removing your hot curlers, make sure you take them out the same direction you put them in. This avoids the hair from getting tangled.

Step 9. After removing your curlers you can brush through your hair for a smooth well-placed look or place your head upside down and using your fingers gently stroke through your hair.

This will give your hair a light-tussled look. Finish your look with a touch of spray to keep it in place all day or night. Using hot curlers is a fun and exciting way for getting a new look. You can achieve a great new style that’s different every day. Give them a try.

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