How to use eyeshadow as lipstick

How to use eyeshadow as lipstick

Are you tired of all your regular glosses and lip colors?

Did you know that can use your eye shadow to get otherwise hard to find wild colors for your lips? And the best part is, it’s super easy. The supplies are readily available at your local drugstore. You might already have some of them. To begin, you will need:

An eye shadow color (or colors!) of your choice.

A nail file or x-acto knife, or other slim object which can be used to scrape off some of the eye shadow

A squeezable clear lip gloss, lip balm in a tube, or Vaseline. In a pinch, chapstick or another lip balm in a stick can be used.

A lip brush


Next, you’ll need something to mix on. A clear plastic lid from a container or a plastic plate should do nicely. If you are mixing up enough to use later, you will also want something to store the extra lip color in. You can buy small plastic and ceramic pots in the drugstore. These work the best, as would an empty container of Carmex (the kind that comes in the ceramic pot with the yellow lid). You can also consider one of those pill-a-day containers this is nice because it provides space for seven different gloss colors.

Actually making your colored gloss is easy and can be done in three simple steps:

To begin:

Step One:

Use the knife or file to scrape some eye shadow onto your mixing plate. You will want more or less shadow depending on how rich you want the color to be. More powder will obviously yield a more intensely pigmented lip color.

Step Two:

You simply squeeze out the lip gloss right on to your newly powdered color. (If you’re using chapstick, you can use the knife to cut a small amount from the end. This will also come in handy to mix it, as the chapstick will be harder to incorporate color into though it can be done)

Make sure you don’t add too much of your gloss or other product.

Step Three:

Mix the color and the gloss together. This can be done any number of ways, with the nail file, your finger, or a lip brush. Additionally, department store makeup counters often have small plastic paddles that are made for this very purpose. They can be obtained fairly easily and cheaply.

And there it is new makeup, made by you. Apply your new lip color with your finger or a lip brush

Clean up with the issues you’ll have to wash the nail file with soap and warm water to get the gloss off and you’re done!

Things to remember: This is not a particularly long-wearing product. The length of wear depends on the quality of your gloss. makes a clear gloss that’s super long-wearing.

Make Up For Ever’s super lip gloss and Hard Candy’s Super Clear Lip gloss are also good choices on the expensive side, but really, you can use any lip gloss, and Vaseline and Carmex will also work. Just keep experimenting!

Make Up For Ever’s

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