How to use astrology to choose good investments

choose good investments

Have you ever wondered how people chose good places to invest their savings? Some people learn the basics of investing at an early age from their parents. Others take classes and read books. Still, others turn to paid financial advisors.

An additional resource for financial information (and one that is often overlooked) is the field of astrology. Astrology is the art of predicting the future using signs from the stars. An astrologer believes that you can help understand someone’s personality and future by carefully studying the positions of the stars and planets. Astrologers also believe the month of one’s birthday is very important. They assert that it continues to exert heavy influence over someone’s personality for the rest of their life.

Using data from your birthday and the current position of heavenly bodies, an astrologer can help you find out the answers to basic questions about your life. This can provide insights into important questions such as who to marry when to have children, and what careers you might be best suited for.

It can also include answers to questions about money. Some people might find they are inherently cautious and prefer to stick with less risky investments such as treasury bills. Others might find their astrological sign indicates a great affinity for more chancy investments such as foreign currencies.

You can find out what astrological sign you were born under by checking your birthday. For instance, if you were born in late May you are a Gemini. People are said to have certain negative and positive personality traits based on their inclusion in these groupings.

A Gemini is often described as someone who is smart and funny. On the other hand, common Gemini failings include impulsivity and greed. Knowledge of your fundamental personality can be an excellent tool to help you make financial decisions.

Any Gemini seeking places to invest should take their own personal pluses and minuses before beginning an investment project. If you know you are intrinsically smart, you should trust your instincts when it comes to the market.

Chances are if you think the stock is a good investment it probably is. At the same time, the Gemini’s tendency towards greed can lead him into massive trouble. A Gemini should therefore avoid latching on to pie-in-the-sky schemes that promise great wealth in a short period.

Similar lessons can be learned from other star signs. Suppose you were born in the middle of October. This would make you a Libra. Libras are often described as optimistic, tactful and tender. Consider using these qualities to guide your investments. A tactful person makes a good landlord so think about investing in real estate.

Your innate diplomatic temperament will allow you to attract and keep good tenants to an apartment complex. But be careful. Libras can sometimes suffer because they have a tendency to be too trusting and naïve. Guard against this weakness by carefully investigating any investment opportunity. Do not buy a stock without all the facts at your disposal.

Signs of the zodiac can also help your finances in other ways. For instance, if the planets and stars are not in proper alignment, this may not be a good time for new investments. Wait until Mercury has passed to a more fortuitous position before you roll over that 401k. In addition, you should also check your ruling planet.

All-star signs are governed by ruling planets. For example, the ruling planet for Capricorns is Saturn. Check the position of the planet on a daily basis. When Saturn is closer to the Earth, this symbolizes an opportune time for a change. Consider changing from one mutual fund to another or selling a few stocks and moving into a bond fund.

All people should save and invest to help them protect themselves against unforeseen calamities. One of the best ways to be an effective investor is to understand yourself completely. Astrology allows you to better perceive your own character. Take advantage of what astrology offers and put your finances in better order.

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