How to use an ear thermometer

How to use an ear thermometer

The instant ear thermometer serves as a quick, efficient alternative to traditional glass thermometers. These thermometers are easy to use and are especially effective for use with children. It only takes a couple of seconds and the readings are not affected by talking, eating, or drinking. If you have children, you understand how difficult it is to keep them still long enough to take an accurate reading.

With an ear thermometer, you can even take a temperature while your child is sleeping. To use an ear thermometer properly, straighten the ear canal by pulling the ear up and back. For a child under one year, pull the ear straight back. This will give a clear view of the eardrum. In the case of an infant, it is best to have the child laying flat with the ear facing upwards.

While pulling the ear, insert the tip snuggly in the ear canal. The reading will be more accurate if you insert in a downward position toward the eardrum. Ear thermometers sense the infrared heat from the eardrum and change the heat measured into an equivalent oral temperature. Now, press the button.

The thermometer will beep to signal the end of the measurement. Remove the tip from the ear canal and read the measured temperature displayed. It is recommended that you practice taking a temperature on each member of your family while they are healthy. This way, you will be confident in your ability when one of them is sick.

There are a few things that may affect the accuracy of your measurement. You will want to make sure that the ear canal is clean and clear. The presence of earwax may cause a lower temperature reading. If your child moves during the measurement, you may want to do it again just to be on the safe side.

You also want to use the instrument at room temperature. Large differences in outside temperature may affect the accuracy of your measurement. The ear thermometer should be at room temperature for at least thirty minutes before use. Store at room temperature whenever possible.

You should not use an ear thermometer immediately after swimming or bathing. This may affect accuracy and there is a possibility of injury to the ear tissue. You should never use an ear thermometer on someone with an ear infection. If there is any pain or discomfort indicated during use, remove the instrument immediately.

For proper hygiene, you should always use the ear probes or lens covers provided with your unit. If the ear probe or lens cover is affected by earwax or other fluids, replace it with a new one before attempting to retake the temperature. You should not reuse these covers.

Maintaining your ear thermometer properly will help to ensure accurate readings. When you are not using the thermometer it should be kept in its protective case. You should replace the ear probe or lens cover after every use. As well as maintaining good hygiene, this will help to protect the lens of the thermometer.

You should store the thermometer in a clean, dry place and keep it at room temperature. It is a good idea to follow the proper cleaning instructions included with your unit. If you are ever concerned about the accuracy of your thermometer, or with a specific temperature reading, please contact your doctor.

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