How to use a shop vacuum

How to use a shop vacuum

Do you have a Shop Vacuum languishing in your basement? Many of us bought one of these heavy-duty cleaners for picking up sawdust around the tool bench, but the truth of the matter is there’s so much more to a shop vac than cleaning up after the family handyman. When you consider the amount of money spent on one of these appliances, the least you can do is get your money’s worth. If you’re unsure of what can be done with your shop vacuum, this article is for you.

Clean out your car Whether your kids have spilled their cheese doodles all over the back seat, you’ve just hauled a Christmas tree, or the family’s spent a day at the beach, if you want to clean all the dust, dirt and food off the floors and seats of your car, the shop vacuum is your answer. It will make easy work of the project and take less time than if you used a smaller vacuum cleaner. It will also clean dust out of nooks and crannies on the dashboard, doors, ashtrays, and glove compartments. Don’t forget the trunk either!

Clean water out of flooded basements Everyone’s been in a situation where the basement or another area of the house has become flooded, or at the very least, had a big puddle to contend with. What do you do? Grab a mop or some rags? For big spills and leaks, this can take forever. By using the wet option on your shop vacuum, you’ll have the mess cleaned up in the time it takes to vacuum the floor.

Unclog your sink Who needs a plumber or expensive chemicals for a stubborn sink clog? If you want to remove clogging materials from your kitchen sink, try the shop vac.

Use in the pool Did winter storms leave puddles and debris to collect in your pool or on your pool cover? Using a shop vacuum to clean up water and leaves will save on clean up time.

Store clothes in homemade airtight containers You’ve probably seen the commercials for expensive airtight storage bags for clothes. Why spend your hard-earned money on expensive products when you can get the same results from a trash bag and your shop vacuum? Just place clothing in a trash bag and suck the air out using the hose on your shop vacuum. Seal with some heavy-duty tape and your clothes are stored away for the season. This can also be used for camping items, pool toys, and anything else requiring airtight storage.

Clean up that fireplace One of the downsides to owning a fireplace is all the ashes and soot you contend with after having a roaring fire. Don’t scoop, sweep or shovel, use your shop vacuum!

Easy Christmas clean up Now that the stockings are taken down and the Christmas tree is tossed to the curb, what are you left with? The cleanup! Not to worry though, your shop vacuum will clean up needles and tinsel. Soon the house won’t even look as though it hosted a festive holiday gathering.

Clean up those cobwebs Is your basement filled with cobwebs? Are there corners of the house that aren’t cleaned as often as you like? This is where your shop vacuum comes into play. Just snap on the handy extension tube and get rid of cobwebs and dust mites everywhere, even on the ceiling.

Drain your fish tank Do you need to drain the water or gravel out of your home aquarium? Don’t siphon it with a hose and don’t risk dropping it by carrying it to the bathtub. Instead, use your shop vac!

Don’t let your shop vacuum languish in the garage. Because of all its practical functions, you’re bound to use it on a regular basis. In fact, you’ll probably come up with some unique applications of your own.

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