How to use a hot pressing comb

How to use a hot pressing comb

Are you looking to achieve the look of straight hair without the use of chemicals?

Hot pressing combs have been around for decades helping women to achieve the look of straight, smooth hair without the use of chemicals. There are two types of pressing combs that can be used to achieve straight hair.

The first type of pressing comb is heated using a stovetop burner. Its primary use is for the initial straightening process. The second type of pressing comb is plugged into an electrical outlet and is primarily used to touch-up previously straightened hair.

To begin the process of transforming your hair from tightly coiled or curly to straight smooth hair there are two simple things to do first. Wash and condition the hair, and dry the hair completely to avoid sizzling moisture that can cause burns. Applying a hair conditioning dress prior to pressing your hair is optional. Now you are ready to begin straightening your hair.

You will need a hot pressing comb, either type of comb is fine to use. However, if you use an electrically heated pressing comb, you will not achieve the same look of straightness you would if you were using a stovetop heated pressing comb. The following directions are for using a stovetop heated pressing comb. You will also need a comb, preferably a rat-tailed comb, clips to part and section the hair, and a towel.

After checking to make sure the hair is completely dry throughout, part the hair into four big sections, use a clip to hold the hair from slipping. Turn on one of the stovetop burners to medium heat or flame. Place the hot comb on top of the burner.

Allow the burner to heat up for about a minute. Do not wait until the comb starts to give off smoke. The comb will be too hot and you are more likely to burn yourself. Take one of the four big sections and make a part allowing some of the hair to come out of the section. It is best, to begin with the hair at the back of the head.

Remove the comb from the stovetop and slowly comb through the smaller section of hair you removed from the larger section. Start about half an inch down from the scalp and work all the way down to the end of the hair. Be careful not to skim your scalp. You may need to do this three times or until your hair is completely straight. This small section is now finished.

Wipe off the hot comb with the towel to remove excess moisture if you used a conditioning dress. Return the pressings comb to the stovetop burner and let it reheat. While reheating the comb, remove another small section of hair from the larger section.

When the pressing comb is heating repeat the above steps. Continue the steps of reheating and straightening the hair until the entire section is straightened. Move on to the next section of hair and repeat steps. Continue doing this until the entire head of hair is straight.

You can now add a conditioning dress to the hair if one wasn’t added before you began. Comb the hair all the way through and go over once with the pressing comb to ensure you captured all of the curls. You have now successfully turned your tightly coiled or curly hair into beautiful straight hair.

To use an electrically heated pressing comb heat the comb to the appropriate setting for your hair type and follow the above the steps.

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