How to unblock chakras

How to unblock chakras

The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit chakra, which means “wheel” or “circle”. Chakras are the Chakras of the spiritual power of the human body. In a short time, our cycles can be blocked by negative energy and psychological debris.

It is believed that a blocked cycle can interfere with the flow of spiritual energy in our body, which can lead to illness and unbalanced emotions. If you want to keep your energy flowing freely so that you can work at your best, it may sometimes be necessary to unlock a certain cycle.


There are seven major cycles, each associated with a large gland. Each is associated with a specific color and type of energy.

The following list gives a general view of the seven cycles and their associations.

Pineal cycle: Found on the crown of the head, and is usually seen as either bright white or purple light. It is about empathy, spiritual connection, and the higher self.

Pituitary cycle: Between the eyes and slightly above, this circle is usually dark purple. Its associations are psychological abilities, vision and ideas.

Thyroid Cycle: This throat cycle can be a dark royal or sky blue in color. It is a sign of conversation, expression, and voice.

Thymus Chakra: Found just above the heart, some people call this cycle pink, but traditionally it is associated with green. It has to do with the immune system, emotions, and relationships.

Pancreatic cycle: Located just below the thymus cycle between solar plexuses, this cycle is yellow. Its associations are control, freedom, and personality.

Dizziness: It can be found just below the abdomen, and appears orange. It has to do with reproduction, genetics, and physical hunger.

Adrenal Cycle: It is located just above the genitals and is seen as a dynamic red. It refers to the organs of sexuality, survival, and extinction.


If you are able to see your cycles in meditation, you can see them for yourself and see if they are blocked. If you are unable to do so, hold a pendulum to a friend that swings in a circular motion on each of your laps as you lie down and relax.

For a free-flowing cycle, the pendulum must rotate freely in a clockwise direction with the flow of energy. Blocking cycles can cause the pendulum to start tilting clockwise, or, if severely blocked, slow down and stop the pendulum at the same time.

If you are not able to use any of the methods described above to detect blocked cycles, think about your life. Do you have any problem areas? Any disease Consider or research what cycle they are involved in. Do you find it difficult to get people to understand you, or do you find yourself at a loss for words? Your thyroid cycle may be blocked.

Do you have constipation or gallstones? It can identify a block in the adrenal cycle. Have you had a love affair lately? Your thymus gland may have been affected.

Ways to Unlock Chakra

One way to unlock the chakras is to meditate on them and cleanse them psychologically. Find a place where you are alone for a while, dim the lights, and relax in a chair or lie on the floor. Meditate, inhale and exhale regularly. Start focusing on your adrenal cycle. Imagine opening it like a flower, or slowly growing into a rotating disk.

Check it out first. Is the color bright and clear? Is it strong or weak? Is it dark or washed away? Is it rotating clockwise or counterclockwise? Is it going fast? slow down. Is it stuck? Do you see or feel any debris or blocks in it? Any kind of dark sky or gink is an obstacle in this?

If something goes wrong in the chakra, imagine putting the white light of the universe into it with your spiritual source, clearing the chakra, loosening the obstacles. Imagine consolidating the light of the universe and making the color clearer, and let it set the wheel at a steady, clockwise speed to rotate. Even if the dizzy sounds fine, imagine this light anyway, put it down to recharge.

Head to the Gunad Circle and repeat the opening, check, and visualization, working your way up to your final cycle. Once all your cycles look healthy, and you are ready to finish the meditation, start with the panels and close them one by one. You can imagine them squeezing or squeezing into yourself, sink into your soul. This is important, as it will protect them from the negative so that they are not blocked again.

Another way to block is to use different colored lights. Get a nice, bright flashlight and some gel filters in different colors. Attach the appropriate color filter to the flashlight and illuminate the color wheel that is making it difficult for you. Do this for about 15 minutes daily for a few days. Or, to keep all your cycles free and blocked, once a week, or once a month, flash the appropriate color light on each of your cycles for about 15 minutes.

Crystals are also great for unlocking circles. One of the best crystal clear quartz to use for this procedure. Just lie down on a bed or floor (or sit in a chair, if this is your pineal bicycle), and keep the crystal clear and in place. If you are working with a colleague, you can take turns adding crystals to each cycle. Within a few minutes, the crystal’s energy will act like a metaphysical drain-O and your circulating energies will move freely again.

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