How to unblock chakras

How to unblock chakras

The word chakra stems from the Sanskrit chakra, meaning “wheel” or “circle.” The chakras are the spiritual power vortexes of the human body. Once in a while, our chakras can become blocked from negative energy and psychic debris.

It is believed that a blocked chakra can impede the flow of spiritual energy in our body, which can lead to illnesses and unbalanced feelings. If you want to keep your energy flowing freely so that you can operate at peak performance, it may sometimes be necessary to unblock a particular chakra.


There are seven main chakras, each that coincide with a major gland. Each one is associated with a particular color and type of energy.

The following list gives an over view for the seven chakras and their associations:

The Pineal Chakra: found at the crown of the head, and is usually seen as either a bright white or violet light. It is associated with empathy, spiritual connections, and the higher self.

The Pituitary Chakra: located just between and slightly above the eyes, this chakra is usually a deep purple color. Its associations are psychic abilities, vision and views.

The Thyroid Chakra: this throat chakra can be a deep royal or sky blue color in color. It is indicative of communication, expression, and voice.

The Thymus Chakra: found right over the heart, some people report this chakra to be pink, but traditionally it is associated with green. It relates to the immune system, emotions, and relationships.

The Pancreas Chakra: located just under the thymus chakra between the solar plexus, this chakra is yellow in color. Its associations are control, freedom, and personality.

The Gonad Chakra: this can be found just below the abdomen, and appears the color of orange. It relates to reproduction, genetics, and physical appetite.

The Adrenal Chakra: this is located just over the sex organs and seen as a vibrant red. It is indicative of sexuality, survival, and the organs of elimination.


If you are able to visualize your chakras in meditation, you can look at them for yourself and see if they are blocked. If you are unable to do this, have a friend hold a pendulum that swings in circular motions over each of your chakras as you lay down and relax yourself.

For a free-flowing chakra, the pendulum should swing freely in a clockwise direction with the flow of energy. Blocked chakras may cause the pendulum to begin swinging counter-clockwise, side to side, or, if badly blocked, slow and stop the pendulum all together.

If you are not able to use either method outlined above for detecting blocked chakras, think about your life. Do you have any problem areas? Any illnesses? Consider or research which chakras they are associated with. Do you have trouble explaining yourself to people, or find yourself at a loss for words? Perhaps your thyroid chakra is blocked.

Are you constipated, or suffering from gall stones? It could indicate a block in the adrenal chakra. Have you recently been hurt in a love affair? Maybe your thymus chakra has suffered for it.


One method for unblocking chakras is to visualize them in meditation and psychically cleanse them. Find someplace you can be alone for a while, dim the lights, and get comfortable on a chair or laying on the floor. Go into a meditative state, breathing in and out steadily. Begin focusing on your adrenal chakra. Envision it opening like a flower, or slowly opening and growing into a spinning disk.

Examine it first. Is the color bright and clear? Is it strong or weak? Is it darkened or washed out? Is it spinning in a counter-clockwise or a clockwise position? Is it going fast? Slow? Is it stuck? Do you see or sense any debris or blocks in it? Any type of dark flack or gunk impeding it?

If there appears to be anything wrong with the chakra, visualize the white lights of the universe from your spiritual source pouring into it, cleansing the chakra, loosening the blockages. Envision the light of the universe strengthening and clarifying the color, and let it set the chakra spinning in motion again at a steady, clock-wise pace. Even if the chakra looks fine, envision this light anyway, pouring down to recharge it.

Move on to the gonad chakra and repeat the opening, check, and visualization, working your way up through to your pineal chakra. Once all your chakras are looking healthy, and you are ready to end the meditation, start at the pineal and close them one by one. You can envision this by seeing them shrink or fold in on themselves, sinking back into your self. This is important, as it will keep them protected from negativity so they don’t become blocked again.

Another method of unblocking is to use different colored lights. Get a good, bright flash light and some gel filters in assorted colors. Attach the appropriate color filter to the flashlight and shine the light at the chakra of that color which is giving you difficulty. Do this for about 15 minutes per day for a few days. Or, to keep all of your chakras free and unblocked, once a week, or once a month, shine the appropriate color light at each of your chakras for about 15 minutes.

Crystals are also great for unblocking chakras. One of the best crystals to use for this method is the clear quartz. Simply lay down on a bed or the floor (or sit up in a chair, if it is your pineal chakra), and place a cleansed and consecrated crystal on the space. If you are working with a partner, you can each take turns putting crystals on each chakra. Within a few minutes, the energy of the crystal will work like metaphysical Drain-O and have your chakra energies running freely again.

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