How to tweeze your eyebrows

How to tweeze your eyebrows

The excess growth of hairs surrounding the natural line of the orbit (eye socket) should be removed to give a clean and attractive appearance. Eyebrows that are shaped correctly add to the attractiveness of the face. They open the face, and especially the eye area.

Some people have very sensitive skin in the eye area. To help them tolerate the discomfort, there are a few things you can try. A light application of baby numbing gel for gums, or an ice cube applied to the area for a few seconds to numb the skin both work well.

The following supplies will be needed for and eyebrow tweezing:

  • tweezers astringent
  • towels eyebrow pencil
  • eyebrow brush cotton pads
  • numbing gel or ice cube for sensitive skin

Here are your step-by-step instructions to arch (tweeze) the brows:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror (if doing your own
    brows), or have a friend sit in a chair that they can lean back (recline) in, or lean their head back on your stomach. Make sure the area is very well lighted.
  2. Decide where you need to remove excess hair to give brows a clean shape.
  3. Take the brow pencil, and lay it at the side of the nose, up and down (vertical). Where the pencil touches the inside end of the brow, make a small dot with your brow pencil. That will be where you tweeze hair, beyond the dot to the area between the brows.
  4. Next, take your pencil and lay it at an angle to run along the outer edge of your eye. Make another small dot where the pencil meets the brow. That will be the length of the brow, so tweeze any hairs beyond that point out.
  5. Brush eyebrows with a brow brush to remove any makeup or dead skin.
  6. Soften brows by wetting 2 cotton pads or a towel with hot water. Place over brows and allow them to sit long enough to soften eyebrow skin, about 5 minutes. This opens the pores of the skin and makes tweezing easier.
  7. Measure before you tweeze. Check your dots to make sure you are even.
  8. Start by removing hair between brows first. This area is the least sensitive to tweeze. Stretch the skin taut (tight). Do this by using your index finger and thumb, or index finger and middle finger. These fingers give the most pressure, so either combination is good. Only tweeze one hair at a time, and pull with a quick movement in the direction of the hair growth.
  9. Next, remove hair from the above brows. Do not tweeze too much, or you will ruin the natural arch that you have. Carefully remove any strays that take away from the natural arch. Do one eyebrow at a time. Do not go back and forth between the brows.
  10. Last, tweeze hair from under eyebrows. Brush hairs up, and tweeze the hair so you create a clean, smooth line. Again, tweeze one brow, then the other. That way, you will have a shape to follow for the other brow. Do not take out too much hair; remove a few hairs, then take a look. Does it look too thick? Or too thin? Take your time and check your work.
  11. When both brows are done, dab some astringent on a cotton pad on the eyebrows and surrounding skin. Do not get in the eyes or on eyelids. Using an astringent will close up the skins’ pores, tightening them where hair has been removed.
  12. Once again, brush your brows, placing the hair in its natural position. Using a slightly upward and outward stroke is good for brushing the brows. Fill in any thin or sparse areas with your eyebrow pencil, or whatever type of eyebrow color you use. When applying color to browse, use soft, short, feathery strokes. It is much easier to add more color if needed, rather than trying to remove too much. The feathery, soft, short strokes also give a more natural appearance to the brows, rather than them looking “drawn on.”
  13. Tweezing should be done about once a week, but if you see new strays before that, by all means, remove them. It is much simpler to tweeze a few strays weekly, rather than having to start from scratch each time you tweeze.

That’s all there is to it! Before long, you’ll be tweezing your own eyebrows like a pro, and your friends’ eyebrows too.

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