How to trim split ends at home

How to trim split ends at home

Why must you even bother to get that trim for your split ends?

Because if you want healthy hair that doesn’t feel like a hay stack, you must! Split ends will travel up the roots of your hair and keep on damaging until they are cut off. Nothing will heal them once they are formed.

Shower conditioners will only temporarily glue them back together. Leave-in conditioners and hair oils only temporarily stick them back together, too. None are permanent repairers, for nothing can repair split ends.

Split ends are formed on growing hair because the inside of the hair, also known as the cortex, splits at the ends, thereby getting the name “split ends””. Reasons for this fraying are because of intense heat like that caused by curling irons, blow dryers, and such or because the hair is overstretched or damaged and hard combing or brushing then splits the ends. Another culprit is a bobby pin that is not smooth at the end because when you try to take it out, it can rip the hair.

A way to avoid so many split ends is to avoid intense heat on hair, to use a conditioner that protects hair during heat if you can’t naturally dry your hair, and to throw away those bad bobby pins. (Be careful to use a conditioner that is actually meant to do this, because some things you put on your hair can actually intensify the heat.)

Now, here’s the main question: Are you upset because every time you seem to get a few inches of growth, you go to a scissors-happy hairdresser or barber for just a little trim of those raggedy split ends and wind up losing all the new growth you have had over the past month and a half or so?

You must resign yourself to losing hair, but, if you trim those ends yourself, you will only have to lose the split ends of your hair and nothing else!

The first thing you need to do is to buy a pair of very sharp hair cutting scissors or any very sharp scissors like sewing scissors. If you use blunt scissors, then you can actually cause more splitting!

Next, when your hair is dry sit down in a place where there is a lot of light and a mirror so you can see clearly.

Then, take a strand of hair about one fourth an inch or half an inch long from a few inches near the scalp then delicately twist it to its ends. You will see the split ends sticking out. Take the scissors and hold it perpendicular to the strand of hair. Using the tip of the scissors, cut off the split ends and around one fourth an inch of the unhealthy hair above it. Do this in small segments down the length of the strand then turn the strand around and twist in the opposite direction to get the few you may have missed.

Do your entire head of hair in this manner. The first time you do this, it will probably take a while. Later on, depending on how much hair you have and how many split ends it should take from ten minutes to over an hour. It’s a good idea to ask someone close to do this for you.

Make a regular appointment with yourself or someone else to do trim your split ends as much as often as necessary. If you have very healthy hair and rarely get split ends, then you can do this less than every five to eight weeks, but for the average person that time interval is ideal.

This will save you a lot of hair compared to a salon or barber, but if you don’t trim you split ends regularly then you will see a lot more of that awful hay stack hair.

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