How to treat dry and frizzy hair

How to treat dry and frizzy hair

Everyone desires to have soft cascading and manageable hair. Some are blessed with sleek hair that simply flows and does what they want it to do. Others are blessed with spiral ringlets that shine. And even though some have dry unmanageable frizzy hair, they too can have the sleek and shiny hair they so desire.

Dry Hair is Thirsty Hair

Dry frizzy hair thirsts for moisture and needs to be quenched. Drinking plenty of water helps hydrate your entire body including your hair. Add olive oil to your diet. Known as liquid gold which brings life to anything it touches, you will be able to see a difference in the elasticity of your skin as well as vibrancy in your hair. Although they may be expensive, known to work are hair products that have olive oil as its main ingredient. Celebrity journalist, Ananda Lewis, had admitted to putting a few sprinkles of olive oil into her hair whenever it felt dry.

Weekly Deep Conditioning

Dry hair can lead to hair breakage and split ends which are why weekly deep conditioning is necessary. Deep conditioners do not have to be expensive. Look for them at your local grocery or beauty supply store. They range from creamy conditioners to hot oil treatments which are usually used following shampoo and then left on the hair anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

At Home Mask

At home, you can make your own deep conditioning treatment with eggs and mayonnaise. Since hair is dead protein, if there is breakage it needs additional protein to help strengthen it. For shoulder-length hair, mix one egg with a half cup of mayonnaise. Adjust accordingly to your hair length and depending on how much of the mask your hair absorbs.

After mixing well, pour the conditioner content into your dry hair and cover it with a shower cap leaving it on for 30-45 minutes. For deeper conditioning make a cap out of aluminum foil leaving it on also for 30-45 minutes and soon you will begin to feel the mild heat of the conditioner working. After rinsing you will immediately feel the results when you run your fingers through your soft mane.

The Secret Weapon: Leave- in-Conditioners

If you have dry frizzy hair, a leave-in-conditioner has to be your best friend. Look for spray or lotion leave-in-conditioners which can be used on wet or dry hair. They can be used after shampooing and conditioning or any time of the day you feel your hair just needs some moisture.

The key to maintaining dry frizzy hair is to continually hydrate it. Avoid washing your hair on a daily basis since shampoos can strip hair of its natural oils. Always make sure you protect your hair with some type of lotion, serum or spray before using hot appliances. Try to avoid blow dryers and instead air dry your hair and then straighten it with a flat iron on a low-temperature setting for a sleek look.

You can also work those frizzy kinks into smooth spiral curls. After washing and conditioning, place some curling gel or moose into your hair and scrunch your mane while blow-drying with a dryer that has a diffuser attached. Or you can simply scrunch your hair and let it air dry. To get rid of the frizzy flyaways, swirl them with your finger or with a pencil as you blow-dry.

What’s in your body is in your hair

Your lifestyle can have a big impact on your hair type. Do you spend a lot of time indoors or outdoors? How much sun exposure does your hair get and do you protect it from its harmful rays? What kind of foods are you eating? Do you drink a lot of water?

These are just some of the questions and things that you need to think about since you personally may be contributing to the frizziness of your own hair and may not even know it. In handling dry hair, two approaches need to betaken. From both the inside and the outside- your diet as well as the products you put on your hair effect how your hair looks and feels.

If you’re out in the sun, always wear a hat. And if you plan on swimming in a pool full of chlorine, take a minute to saturate your hair in conditioner to keep it safe from the harsh chemicals that can strip your hair not only of its color but of its softness.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water because if you feel good on the inside, your hair will show it on the outside.

Eat a lot of fruits

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