How to train to run a marathon

How to train to run a marathon

Even for the seasoned athlete, running a marathon race is an exhausting event. But for the beginning marathon runner, it can be a grueling race from the start to the far-off finish. If you are thinking about entering a marathon race anytime soon, this article is full of tips on how you can prepare yourself for it!

Tip #1
Before you even sign-up for the race, it would be a wise idea to have a complete physical examination by your doctor or healthcare professional first. If you are given the green light by a medical professional to run a marathon race, then you are ready to proceed on!

Tip #2
You don’t need to carry a first-aid kit with you as there are normally plenty of first-aid stations along the marathon race route. They can offer you medical aid if you have an upset stomach, headache, blisters on your feet, etc. The only medical item you might need to take with you is any prescription drugs, etc., that you might need to use.

Tip #3
The right equipment is most important for your planned race. The first thing you will need is a good pair of running shoes. These shoes must give your feet plenty of support and have good soles which will help to absorb the shock to your feet, not to mention that they must also be very comfortable. Don’t plan on running the race in brand new shoes, though, you’ll never make it. The shoes you wear in the event need to be broken in first. You will also need to wear thick, comfortable socks.

You can’t be sure what the weather is going to be the day of the marathon, and, depending on what city or state is is located in, you will need to be prepared for the whole realm of weather conditions that might occur, such as extreme heat, rain, and cold temperatures. You will need to take appropriate clothing to wear in order to be as comfortable as possible. Remember also tha you need to take clothing that is as light as possible. For instance, instead of taking a bulky, plastic rain coat withyou, take a large garbage bag instead. Cut three holes in the bag for your head and arms and you have an instant, lightweight rain poncho!

Tip #4
One item that you must absolutely take and wear at the marathon race is a good sunscreen. You will be out in the weather for quite some time and you don’t want the sun to damage your skin. Don’t be fooled by cloudy days either. Remember that the sun’s rays are still penetrating the exposed skin on your body even though you cannot always see them.

Tip #5
You are going to sweat, sweat, sweat, and then sweat some more. You are going to use up a lot of your body’s fluids. It will be very important for you to drink plenty of water before the race. During the race, you will also need to stop at every water station and drink even more water. Don’t just pour the water on yourself. That might help to cool you down temporarily, but it’s not going to prevent dehydration from happening on the inside. Drink plenty of water after you finish the marathon race too, in order to replenish lost body fluids. You might consider wearing head bands and wrist bands to help absorb the sweat.

Tip #6
When you start running and training your body for the race, don’t forget to feed it so you can have added energy you will need. Experts recommend that women eat about 2500 calories a day, and men should eat about 3000 calories a day up until the day of the marathon race. Both diets should consist of plenty of carbohydrates-for energy, fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy products.

Tip #7
Depending on how physically fit you are, and what your endurance level is, you will need to increase your running times in order to prepare for the marathon race. Marathons usually take several hours, and your body must be ready to tackle this high-level goal. Increase your running time as often as you feel comfortable with. Don’t try to over do it!

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