How to tie-dye socks

How to tie-dye socks

Want some wild and wacky socks? There are a few different ways to turn ordinary socks into something fun and funky with various dying techniques. There’s the old-fashioned way of wrapping twine or rubber bands around the socks, in random areas, then dipping them in the dye. That works great, and you can change the look by using smaller rubber bands here and there.

The rubber band technique can be used with coins to give socks crazy circles and dots. Place various sizes of coins, one at a time, into the sock, then wrap with rubber bands. Dip in the dye, waited the allotted time, and remove rubber bands. The coins can be placed in a flat position, and then the rubber band wrapped around; or stand the coin up, and then use the bands to hold it in place. By placing the coins in certain places, you change the pattern that the dye will produce.

Place a large coin at the toe, slightly smaller coins in a row above that, then smaller ones in a row above that, and so on. This will give the effect of dots getting smaller as they go up the sock. The opposite can be done by starting with a small coin at the toe. Besides coins, you can use soda pop or prescription lids and other items from around the house.

Lay objects, like cookie cutters on colored socks. Use a spray bottle to squirt bleach onto the socks. The shapes will stay on the socks, while the rest of the color fades, leaving unique impressions all over the socks. You can use lids, cans, rope pieces, rocks, twigs, or even spray the bleach in between the tines of a fork. Each item will leave its own image behind on the sock. Look around for unique items around the house to use for this project.

Put fabric paint on a piece of paper, then dip a string in it, while wearing gloves. Hold the string by each end, and after dipping in the paint, lay the string on the sock, then raise it and lower it, at a different angle, onto the sock again. Do this as long as there is paint left on the string, then get a clean string and dip it in a different color. Or, use only one color, but make lots of string images onto the sock, at different angles, twists, squiggles and such.

The paint will have to dry, then the sock turned over to do the other side. When it’s all dry, place the sock, toe side up, and string-paint the toe. Make horizontal stripes on the socks by hanging the sock up with a clothespin, dipping the string in paint, and then wrapping the string around the sock. For vertical stripes, hang the sock up next to a hard surface, then dip the string and press it against the sock vertically.

Make waves and curly Qs by holding the string in one hand, dipping it in the paint, and then dangling it over the top of the sock. Let the end of the string touch the sock, then begin letting the string fall in swirls onto the sock. Look around for more shapes that can be dipped into dye or paint then placed on the socks for more one-of-a-kind fashion statements.

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