How to tie a necktie step by step

How to tie a necktie step by step

Every young man, at one time or another, has to go through the process of tying a necktie. Whether for a wedding, or a job interview, a tie is unavoidable. Few people enjoy wearing them, but it is important in looking your best. Ties are not as much of a staple as they used o be, but there is always the occasional opportunity to look your best.

This is your opportunity to learn to tie your own tie, and a chance to leave the clip on at home. First, before you begin, you must pick out the tie that is right for you. These days, there are many different styles and colors that will match just about anyone’s personality.

Before even attempting to tie your necktie, you must first fiddle with your shirt. Make sure you have a dress shirt and make it is buttoned all the way to the top. Some people hate buttoning the top button, but it is essential to tie a necktie. You could always loosen it later, once everything is in place. Once your buttons are buttoned, flip up the collar to make it easier to get the tie around your neck. Warp the tie around your collar, with the seam facing down.

With most ties, there is a thick side and a thin side. If you are right-handed, the thick side should go on the right side. Left-handed people should put the thick side on their left side. The key is to get the tie the right length. How do you do that? A special trick will help you get the right length so that when you tie your tie it will not be too short or too long. The short side of your tie should rest just above the fourth button of your shirt.

By doing this, the thick side should be longer than the short side, but it will leave you with a perfect fit once everything is done. With your non-dominant hand, grasp a spot on the short side, about two inches below your neck. Take the thick side, and wrap it, first over, and then under, and then over once again, the spot that you are marking with your hand. Bring the thick side under once again, and then over the spot that your are marking. You are almost there.

The tie should look almost right now. You are just missing the knot. Take the thick end, and tuck it under the first wrap you made. Grab the knot with one hand, and the thin side with the other, and pull the knot into place. That is it. You have tied your first tie. Look in a mirror to make sure it is straight and at the right length. If it is not, loosen it, readjust the length, and start over. It takes some practice and getting used to, to get the tie just right. Be patient.

This is something very few people can master on the first or second try. The knot should be smoothly wrapped, not wrinkled or folded over on itself. Once the tie is to your liking, flip down your collar and you are ready for a night on the town.

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