How to tie a gift bow ribbon

gift bow ribbon

When it is someone’s birthday or anniversary, or you are invited to a bridal or baby shower – or even when the December holidays come along – one of the ways to celebrate these events is by giving gifts. Now, the main thing, of course, is to try and give a gift that the recipient really wants, but one of the nicest things you can do with gift-giving has to do with presentation. Presentation is the thing that makes your gift the very first to be chosen because it just looks so pretty and is so very appealing to the senses.

When you come down the stairs on Christmas morning, it is always a thrill to see gorgeously wrapped gifts sitting under the tree. When you go to a shower event, doesn’t everyone always ooh and ah over the prettiest presents in the pile? Well, you can be the one who makes the presents that are the talk of the town and it is a really easy thing to do.

Depending upon the occasion, you first need to pick appropriate wrapping paper. Once you have decided on the paper you wish to use, the next thing to do is to choose a roll of ribbon. The ribbon can be contrast ribbon, monochromatic ribbon or something that just compliments the paper in an artful fashion.

Lovely ribbons of all different kinds can be found in your favorite card stores, craft stores and online at websites that specialize in such things. Sometimes it is a good idea to buy several different kinds of ribbon rolls, paper and accessories to go with the wrapping paraphernalia. Keeping various assortments of these on hand will not only make things faster and easier for you when you have to assemble something on short notice, but sometimes, given what is in your selection, will give you many different ways of approaching your gift wrap projects. The possibilities are limitless. It is all up to your creativity and originality.

Let us say that you have a specific occasion that has arisen. Here is how you can make something elegant from a few simple steps.

First, wrap your gift with the paper that you wish to use for the occasion. Using clear tape will guarantee that seams and lines are not overly visible to the naked eye. This helps give the impression of a professionally wrapped and finished package.

Once the gift has been wrapped in paper, it is time to make a bow. On hand you will need a scissors, possibly a small themed accessory that has a loop on one end for easy securing and a roll of the ribbon.

My ribbon of personal choice for these kinds of projects is wire edged ribbon because you can tie your bows and then fluff out the ribbon and sculpt it to look really pretty. It is easy to use and makes an amateur job of wrapping look like a pro did it all. From the spool of ribbon, take enough ribbon to go around the box three to four times. You will need this much to go around the box twice, in different directions, and also tie the bows.

Take the ribbon and fold it gently in half. This will give you your midpoint.

Turn your wrapped present over so that the bottom of the package is facing up. Open up the ribbon and slide it under your gift, putting the midpoint of the ribbon in the very middle package. Pull the ribbon’s ends upwards, making the ends meet.

Bring the two ends of the ribbon together and twist them together, forming not exactly a knot but more of a twist that forces the two ends to now be heading away from the midpoint and also to be running on the sides of the box not first used. It should look like a cross or a letter “t”.

Carefully turn the box over, making sure to keep the ribbon in place. Bring the ends towards the middle of the top of the box, which is right side up now, and tie the first part of a square knot.

The first part of a square knot is accomplished by bringing the right side over the left side and then looping it under it. From there, you should take one end of the ribbon and bring it under the crossed ribbon on the package from one side. Take the end of the second free side of the ribbon (on the opposite side) and bring it under the crossed ribbon from a cater-cornered angle.

If you are using an ornament or accessory, at this point you should thread it across one of the two loose ribbon ends. Slide it all the way up to the knot. Now, finish the square knot by tying it with the left over right and then under – the exact opposite of what you tied for the first half of the square knot.

Now, you are ready for the bow. While there are looms and forms for making bows – and they can make some very nice ones with a few wraps and twists between their pegs, you can actually make perfect bows with just your fingers. Tying bows can be really quite as simple as tying your shoes. In fact, that is exactly what you want to do – tie the first bow just like you would tie your shoes. The only difference is that here, you want to make it into a double, triple or quadruple knot.

Each time that you tie a bow, make sure that the knot is being held tightly, and keep the loops of the bow relatively small. You can keep doing this over and over until the ribbon ends get very short.

When you are near the end of the available free ribbon, you are almost finished with your bow.

Here is where you need to do two more things. The first part is to take your scissors and make two cuts on each ribbon end, forming a point at the end of each one. It looks neat and finished that way, and it also will help with fraying or wire ends sticking out. The second thing to do is to take the loops of ribbon that you have tied onto your package, and arrange and fluff them out. Wire ribbon allows you to do this with ease and in a matter of minutes, you will have a beautifully wrapped gift that will be the envy of everyone at the party.

That is all you need to do to have the most spectacularly wrapped presents at any event. Everyone will marvel at your wrapping skills and want to know the tricks you used to do it.

Happy wrapping!

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