How to throw a great hurricane party

hurricane party

Living along the southern coast of the United States can be quite an adventure for five months out of the year. The first of June to the end of November is known as hurricane season. Hurricanes can be destructive, devastating, and deadly, as was seen during the 2004 hurricane season. As with any force of nature, these storms are not to be taken lightly. Always pay attention to, and heed the warnings of the National Weather Service for your area. Once the proper precautions have been taken, it could be many hours waiting for the storm to pass. What better way to spend the time than by having a hurricane party?

Supplies to have on hand for your hurricane party would include easy to prepare foods, lots of ice and coolers, your beverages of choice, and lots of finger foods, i.e. junk food. Also have plenty of batteries for flashlights and portable c.d. players, as well as, radios. Paper towels, paper plates, and disposable cups for cleaning up ease after the party.

When choosing the foods to prepare for your party, keep in mind you are more than likely going to lose electricity. Plan ahead for this and have a supply of alternative fuel. While having a grill inside is a bad idea, a camp stove would be acceptable as long as you have proper ventilation. Nearly anything that can be cooked on a regular electric stove can be cooked on a camp stove. Items that could be cooked ahead of time would be a big pot of chicken bog, a pot of homemade chili, as well as chicken salad and egg salad for sandwiches. Not only will these be good for the party; it will help clean out your refrigerator and freezer in case you lose power for several days.

Once you lose electrical power, it is recommended to keep the refrigerator closed as much as possible. That will help keep the items inside cold for longer periods. Have several ice chests on hand for things you’ll be needing on a regular basis. Cold drinks and beer, milk, and sandwich fillers would be best kept in the coolers.

Keep alcoholic intake to a minimum. While it is a party, you still want your guests to be able to fend for themselves should the need arise.

Have activities planned to keep the children occupied while waiting for the storm to pass? Having a party atmosphere will help to hold down the stress level for them, having planned activities such as board games and cards will keep them busy and focused on things other than the storm outside. Give the children their own flashlights to use during the storm. It is not recommended that candles be used while the power is off. Children left alone with candles is never a good idea.

With a little careful planning, it is easy to have a fun and successful hurricane party. The safest hurricane party will be the greatest hurricane party.


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